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When should my facility submit the application for our facility to be inspected based on the proposed, revised compounding USP Chapters?

VPP applications received June 1– September 31, 2023:

VPP applications received on October 1, 2023 or after:

*Based on the application date and if your facility places your application on a 1 time hold for 6 months for $500, it could cause your facility to be inspected from the 2023 standards.


For applications submitted on or after September 1, 2023, there is not a guarantee that the inspection will be completed before the proposed, revised USP compounding chapters are in effect. Any inspection that occurs on or after November 1, 2023 will be inspected on the 2019 standards for USP <800> or 2023 standards for USP <795> and USP <797>.

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