NAPLEX Advantage

To help assess your readiness for the NAPLEX®, your college of pharmacy may offer the NAPLEX Advantage tool. NAPLEX Advantage features a practice exam experience similar to that of the actual high-stakes exam day as well as comprehensive performance reports. NAPLEX Advantage is only available for purchase by colleges of pharmacy; it is not available for purchase by individual students. The Pre-NAPLEX practice exam continues to be an affordable, helpful resource to help you prepare for taking the NAPLEX.

NAPLEX Advantage Key Features 

If your college of pharmacy has purchased the tool, you can look forward to the following benefits.

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Exam-day Experience

The practice exam is delivered by your college in a closed, secured testing environment with an ID verification and check-in process for an experience that is closer to sitting for the actual NAPLEX.

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Unique Practice Exam

All the questions on the NAPLEX Advantage were previously used on past NAPLEX exams. Items are exclusive to NAPLEX Advantage and are not included on any stand-alone Pre-NAPLEX tests.

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Performance Data

You will receive a performance report that includes your overall scaled score as well as a breakdown of your performance across each of the NAPLEX competency areas. The reports are provided for both pass and fail results.

Get Ready to Take the NAPLEX Advantage

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Explore the Guide for Students

Read the guide for information about taking the proctored NAPLEX Advantage practice exam.

Create Your NABP e-Profile 

Prior to taking the practice exam, you will need to create an NABP e-Profile account if you do not already have one set up. The profession type of ‘Pharmacist Intern’ or ‘Pharmacist Student’ must be selected.

After creating your e-Profile, you will also need to enter an education record, including the country, college, campus, and expected graduation year.

Learn more about the information you will need to create a new e-Profile account.

Set Up Your Computer 

Your college administrator will provide you with information before the proctored session. You may be asked to prepare your laptop or computer for the practice exam if you are not using a school-issued device. ExamStudio Secure Browser must be pre-installed before the day of the practice exam. Note that the exam software is not compatible with tablets.  

Exam Results 

You will receive your results approximately 1-2 business days after taking the Advantage practice exam. To access your results, log in to your NABP e-Profile and select the Practice Exams section.