At NABP, we remain committed to examining pharmacy regulations and issues to support our mission to protect public health. Learn about our policies and initiatives that we work on with our member boards and other organizations and how these initiatives further our mission.

Presidential Initiative

NABP President Lenora S. Newsome, PD, aims to promote mental health and well-being for pharmacists and pharmacy staff in the midst of an increasingly challenging and stressful workplace.

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Pharmacy Practice & Safety

Exploring policies and practices that support the expanded scope of pharmacy staff while maintaining patient safety, this initiative also focuses on promoting the mental health and well-being of pharmacists and technicians amid growing public health needs.

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Safe Pharmacy Resources

Protecting the public health extends into educating consumers about safe medicine practices through resources and tips with our consumer website and consumer-focused social media platforms.

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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

We believe in building a community rooted in diversity, equity, and inclusion and promoting greater representation of racial and ethnic minority groups within the health care workforce and leadership positions.

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Medication Treatment for OUD

We continue to promote pharmacist-provided medication-assisted treatment for patients diagnosed with opioid use disorder (OUD) by furthering our existing efforts, working with the boards of pharmacy, and supporting legislation such as the MAT Act.

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US Drug Supply Chain

Protecting the security and integrity of the supply chain is vital to protecting public health. Working closely with boards of pharmacy, state and federal entities, and supply chain partners, our efforts aim to increase awareness, provide guidance, and develop solutions.

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