Compounding Pharmacy

Demonstrate your pharmacy’s compliance to United States Pharmacopeia (USP) standards <795>, <797>, and <800> for high-quality compounding with our Compounding Pharmacy Accreditation.

NABP’s Compounding Pharmacy Accreditation is a 3-year accreditation for compounding pharmacies that provide dedication to reducing the risks associated with compounding practices and medication safety.

Compounding Pharmacy Accreditation is available for any US licensed pharmacy that is actively compounding as part of the pharmacy’s business.

Whether NABP accreditation is new for your business or you are already NABP accredited and are looking to expand your portfolio, our processes simplify your journey toward Compounding Pharmacy Accreditation.

Bundle Accreditations to Maximize Your Investment

Apply for Compounding Pharmacy Accreditation as a stand-alone program or maximize your investment by creating a comprehensive compliance package for one streamlined, cost-effective accreditation process.

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NABP’s Compounding Pharmacy Accreditation demonstrates your compliance with applicable USP sections and FDA’s 503A requirements.


A pharmacy performing nonsterile compounding must comply with the current USP <795> chapter.


A pharmacy performing sterile compounding must comply with the current USP <797> chapter.


A pharmacy performing hazardous drug compounding must comply with applicable sections of USP chapter <800>.


To apply for an NABP accreditation, businesses must meet and maintain basic eligibility requirements. Review the eligibility requirements listed below to determine if you are qualified to apply.

Accreditation Standards Overview

The Compounding Pharmacy Accreditation Standards Overview provides a brief introduction to the set of standards a pharmacy must meet to achieve accreditation.