Presidential Initiative

Embracing Innovative Technologies 

Jeffrey J. Mesaros, PharmD, JD, RPh, NABP President  

The rapid emergence and adoption of new technologies is transforming the health care industry, including pharmacy. It can enhance how pharmacists practice, learn, and communicate and is also expanding the capabilities of pharmacists. Advanced technologies can improve patient outcomes, optimize workflow, increase efficiency, expand patient access to health care, and reduce errors. With advancements occurring rapidly, updated information and data is necessary to best understand the use of these tools and how best to communicate, collaborate, and ensure trust between pharmacists and patients as well as pharmacists and other providers. In addition to the inherent barriers in the adoption of new tools and resources, there can be social hurdles to overcome, including fear of change or job security and managing the risk and expenses associated with innovative technologies. Overcoming these hurdles through education will result in an improved care experience.

NABP’s vision stands to “innovate and collaborate today for a safer public health tomorrow.” Dr Mesaros aims to embrace the advancement of technology in the pharmacy community, while determining the regulatory scope of these technologies. Dr Mesaros is focusing his initiative on providing resources to help boards of pharmacy and pharmacies with the adoption of innovative technologies to ultimately improve patient outcomes and workplace safety. 

One main objective for this initiative involves developing NABP’s new initiative, the Research and Innovation Institute.  The Institute will serve as a neutral connection, facilitator, and/or researcher between the boards of pharmacy, regulated entities, and third parties to share, study, and evaluate relevant technologies and digital health concepts and resources. Additionally, the Institute will provide an environment to test new ideas and proof of concept projects. The main objectives of this project are to:

  1. Assist the boards of pharmacy by creating a forum to systematically evaluate emerging technologies and innovations that increase patient access to technology and optimal pharmacy care, 
  2. Build an extensive network through NABP’s multiple collaborative opportunities to test new ideas and develop proof of concept projects, 
  3. Address patient demand to expand the use of digital applications and technologies, and 
  4. Freely share data with the health care industry to support informed and effective regulatory decisions. 

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