Presidential Initiative

Promoting Well-Being and Mental Health for Pharmacy Staff 

Lenora S. Newsome, PD, NABP President 

The recent uptick in resignations among pharmacy staff at all levels and a drop in the enrollment at pharmacy programs and colleges is the beginning of an alarming trend of a shortage of qualified pharmacy personnel at pharmacies that promises to continue. Coupled with a growing list of responsibilities and increased demand and it is no wonder that pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are burning out. These conditions can lead to mistakes that can have potentially life-altering consequences. 

To promote a healthier pharmacy environment and combat unsafe working conditions, NABP President Lenora S. Newsome is focusing her initiative on providing resources to support the mental health and well-being for pharmacists and pharmacy staff. As part of her initiative, an NABP task force will be convened comprising those directly impacted and from a wide array of pharmacy backgrounds to gather information on their needs. 

There are 2 main objectives for this initiative:

  1. Including mental health and well-being considerations in NABP accreditation programs and 
  2. Adding a new resource page on our website to access a variety of tools and information to help manage these issues. 

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Explore our Mental Health and Well-Being Resource page, designed for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to assess, support, and enhance mental health.