Data & Research

NABP research efforts aim to advance the science behind examinations and inform the practice of pharmacy. Data is compiled in conjunction with partner organizations and used to better understand new or evolving issues in the areas of pharmacy education, work force demographic changes, trends in continuing pharmacy education, and health care delivery systems.

The Research Advisory Committee is an informal advisory group composed of participants from various segments of the industry, including community, hospital, and academic pharmacists, as well as state boards of pharmacy. The purpose of the committee is to recommend subjects, review proposals, develop research policies, and foster relationships with national public health organizations.

In an effort to continually improve the products and services we offer, our research plays a vital role in discovering trends and opportunities. Our current research projects include the following subjects:

Psychometrics and Test Development

We strive to advance the science of assessment by finding innovative ways to improve our exams through areas such as technology-enhanced item types, standard setting, equating, differential item functioning, and exam security.

Validity Studies

Validity is the degree to which evidence and theory support the interpretation of test scores for the proposed use of a test. We are constantly engaged in the ongoing accumulation of evidence to support test score interpretation.

Pharmacy Practice and Workforce

To meet patients’ health care needs, we collect and evaluate information about the pharmacy workforce including the quality of care provided by pharmacists. By understanding the makeup, distribution, and practice of the workforce, we can provide valuable information to educators, administrators, and policy makers.

External Collaboration Policy

Our research team is excited to collaborate with your organization to further our mission. If you are interested in collaborating on a research project or would like to request our data, submit your proposal to

Proposals should provide detailed project objectives and be one to two pages in length. If we determine that a proposal aligns with our mission, we will request a more detailed description, which may include budget, funding sources, target publications, institutional review board approval, and project start/end dates