Healthcare Merchant Accreditation

Healthcare Merchant Accreditation is our broadest, most accessible accreditation program. It is available to a wide range of health care and health care-adjacent business models around the world. Merchants typically leverage NABP’s Healthcare Merchant Accreditation to meet requirements set by online advertising platforms (eg, Google, Bing) and card brand networks (eg, Visa, Mastercard). Healthcare Merchant Accreditation is also a prerequisite for NABP’s Digital Pharmacy Accreditation.  

Healthcare Merchant Accreditation is an annual accreditation that ensures that merchants are properly licensed and follow applicable laws and business best practices. Once your organization is accredited, we will add you to our list of Accredited Healthcare Merchants.

How do I get started?

First, review the program’s eligibility requirements and Healthcare Merchant Accreditation standards. After determining that your business is eligible and fully in compliance, apply for accreditation. We will then review your application and request any additional information we need to assess your compliance.

Once we determine that you are in compliance with the standards, we will approve your organization.

Eligibility and Standards

To apply for Healthcare Merchant Accreditation, businesses must meet program eligibility requirements. It is important to review the Healthcare Merchant Accreditation eligibility requirements to determine if you are eligible to apply. 
The standards describes the set of policies a merchant must meet to achieve accreditation. Review the program standards prior to applying for Healthcare Merchant Accreditation.


Get started on your path to accreditation by following the steps below:

  1. Confirm your eligibility by carefully reviewing the program’s eligibility requirements
  2. Review the standards to confirm that your business is in compliance
  3. Gather appropriate supporting documents (eg, licensure, disciplinary action)
  4. Click the apply box to start the application process

Maintaining Accreditation

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To learn more about the program, read the following documents.

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