Prepare for the NAPLEX With Confidence

Get ready to take the NAPLEX® with our trusted, affordable practice exam!  The Pre-NAPLEX® uses actual past questions and helps you prepare for test day with a realistic test experience created by our experts. 

Many years of study and hundreds of pharmacy practice experience hours have prepared you for the NAPLEX, but a trial run can help you stay on track. 

Assess your knowledge of the exam competency statements with 100 questions that are similar to the ones you will see on test day. The practice exam questions are taken directly from retired exams. Plus, receive your score immediately after completing the practice exam.  

Pre-NAPLEX Benefits 

  • Save with an affordable study tool 
  • Access multiple practice exams by purchasing up to 2 tests annually 
  • Gain experience with the test format 
  • Reduce test day anxiety through added practice 
  • Get  results instantly 

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Get acclimated to the format of the exam by answering questions similar to ones you will see on the NAPLEX.

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Simulate time requirements for the NAPLEX by working efficiently through the practice exam. 

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Questions from previous exams provide you with insight into the NAPLEX. 

Receive a total scaled score via email to print or download for your records.

Take the Practice Exam

Get started on your exam preparation journey. Take the practice exam online for $75 per attempt up to 2 times annually by logging in to your NABP e-Profile account and selecting the Practice Exams tile.

After you register and pay for the practice exam, you will have 7 days to take the exam. If you are not ready to take the practice exam when you complete your purchase, simply log back in to your NABP e-Profile during the 7-day window and select the practice exams tile to start the Pre-Naplex.

Review the competency statements as your NAPLEX “study guide” to understand the topics covered on the NAPLEX, as well as the sample items for an overview of the types of question formats.

There are no refunds for practice exams. Refer to the NABP Refund Policy for details. 

Browser and System Requirements

You will need to have a computer with reliable internet access (wired, high-speed connection preferred) to take the Pre-NAPLEX. More information can be found in the Support Center.

Colleges of Pharmacy: Practice Exam Vouchers for Students
It is now easier than ever to assist students in preparing for the NAPLEX. College of pharmacy may purchase vouchers for the Pre-NAPLEX in bulk quantity to cover the cost of the practice exam for students.

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NAPLEX and Pre-NAPLEX Content is Protected Under Law

The NAPLEX and Pre-NAPLEX and its contents are the exclusive property of NABP. The NAPLEX and Pre-NAPLEX are confidential examinations protected by law, including copyright, and other applicable laws and regulations. 

Individuals are expressly prohibited, at all times, from selling, offering, disclosing, making available, transmitting, copying, reproducing, purchasing, receiving, or acquiring without prior written NABP authorization, the NAPLEX and Pre-NAPLEX including, without limitation, examination questions, answers, question format, profiles, and scenarios.

If NABP obtains information indicating that an individual is engaged in the prohibited conduct described in this section, NABP, at its sole discretion, may take one or more actions against the individual including, without limitation, placement of a hold on scheduling or sitting for the NAPLEX, provision of information about the individual’s alleged misconduct to one or more boards of pharmacy or regulatory or law enforcement authorities, or pursuit of administrative, civil, or criminal proceedings or penalties.  

Before you begin the Pre-NAPLEX and the NAPLEX, you will have to read and agree to the terms and conditions of the nondisclosure agreement (NDA) for NABP examinations to proceed with the exam. Learn more about the NDA in the Taking Your Exams section of the Bulletin.

Effective December 8, 2023