CPE Monitor

Track your CPE activities all in one place.

CPE Monitor® helps you easily track and store continuing pharmacy education (CPE) credits and monitor progress toward licensure compliance. Upon completing an ACPE-approved activity, the credits automatically upload and appear in the CPE Monitor section of your e-Profile – conveniently keeping your credits in one place.

Getting Started

  1. Create a login for NABP e-Profile and set up an individual account.
    • Access to your CPE Monitor data will be available within 24-48 hours of your initial e-Profile setup.
  2. Choose a plan that is right for you. There are two options: Standard or Plus. If choosing Plus, complete the upgrade process on your desktop. 
    • The CPE Monitor Plus plan is only available for pharmacists.
  3. Access the CPE Monitor Standard and Plus plans through NABP e-Profile on your desktop or download the mobile app for a streamlined experience.
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Choosing a CPE Monitor Plan

Determine which CPE Monitor plan option is best for you. The Plus plan is $12 per year for pharmacists and is accessible via the mobile app and desktop. The Standard plan is still free for pharmacists and technicians and is accessible via the app or desktop by signing in with your NABP e-Profile login credentials.

By upgrading to the CPE Monitor Plus plan, you can access enhanced features and easily manage licensing requirements no matter how many licenses you have now or may add in the future. Log in to NABP e-Profile on desktop to complete the upgrade. Once complete, you can access Plus plan on desktop or from the mobile app.

PriceFree$12 for 1 year
CPE activity upload (ACPE providers nationwide)
Downloadable list of all CPE activity
Free mobile app
Upload non-ACPE CPE credits
Breakdown of renewal requirements (50 states & District of Columbia)*
License status screen showing hours completed & hours required
Alerts for CPE cycle deadlines
Detailed transcript for each license that can be submitted to the boards
Continuing professional development (CPD) tools

*CPE details and requirements for the jurisdictions of Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands are not available for the Plus plan users at this time.

Improving Your Experience

For CPE Monitor to work seamlessly, you must submit your CPE claims to the CPE provider as soon as possible. If it has been more than 35 days since you submitted the necessary information for CPE credit, contact the CPE provider. Provide your e-Profile ID and the month and day of your birthday to each CPE provider that you use. This information is used to validate their data transmissions and to ensure that your account receives the necessary CPE credits when transmitted.

  • Pharmacists If you are a Plus plan user, you must update your profile to include at least one pharmacist license that is currently active. If your license has been expired for two years or more, it cannot be managed through the CPE Monitor Plus plan.
  • Pharmacy Technicians – If you are Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB)-certified, you must create an NABP e-Profile to recertify. You can start this process by creating a login and setting up your individual e-Profile to include your PTCB certification and any state registration numbers.
    • TIP: Contact PTCB for questions about technician certification or your PTCB account. For questions about your NABP e-Profile or CPE Monitor, contact NABP.


  • Visit ACPE’s website for a directory of accredited CPE providers.
  • See PTCB’s website for more information on the certified pharmacy technician certification process and the CE requirements.
  • Check your board of pharmacy website for state-specific CPE requirements.
  • View our educational resources to find more opportunities for ACPE accredited continuing pharmacy education.  

The CPE Monitor service is provided through the collaborative efforts of NABP, the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE), and ACPE-accredited providers.