NABP Verify

Expand your professional opportunities by subscribing to NABP Verify®. NABP Verify is a credentialing and license monitoring service for pharmacists that confirms to regulators and employers that you are licensed in good standing. The ongoing license monitoring ensures you always have current proof of your status. As an NABP Verified Pharmacist, you will receive a digital badge that you can easily share to visually certify your license compliance and professional standing. In addition, your digital badge allows others to view and verify your state-specific credentials.  

For only $50 a year, an NABP Verify subscription allows pharmacists to: 

  • Easily manage multiple state-specific NABP Verify credentials with 1 subscription. 
  • Expand practice opportunities with your state-specific credentials. 
  • Digitally share proof of your state credentials with colleagues, employers, and regulators. 
  • Use proof of your credentials to tell stories about your professional journey. 

NABP Verify is not an authorization to practice pharmacy; it provides evidence that your licenses are in good standing. Boards of pharmacy must be part of the NABP Verify program and recognize the NABP Verify credential in order for credential holders to provide pharmacy-related services in the applicable state or jurisdiction. Boards of pharmacy recognize the state specific practice authority available to NABP.


You are not eligible for an NABP Verify credential for the same state in which you hold an Active Pharmacist license.

A state-specific NABP Verify credential will be issued to an applicant who:

  1. Holds at least 1 licensure or registration that is:
    1. issued by a state or jurisdictional board of pharmacy in the United States; and
    2. active, unconditional, and in good standing; and
  2. May hold 1 or more additional licenses or registrations, in which case:
    1. the status may be expired, inactive, non-renewed, or meet the requirements in Section 1; and
    2. none have a current and/or unresolved disciplinary sanction; and
  3. Has a valid, passing North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination (NAPLEX) score or result.

Currently, North Carolina is the only state accepting NABP Verify. Check back to see more participating states later this year.  


If you are eligible for NABP Verify, log in to your NABP e-Profile to submit the application. During the application process, you can request specific state-credentials and submit payment.  

After receiving your application, we will verify your licenses to check status and determine if you are in good-standing. If you pass the verification, your subscription will be activated and applicable Verify credentials awarded.  

North Carolina Applicants

After you apply to Verify, you must complete an additional registration step for the North Carolina Board of Pharmacy. Visit to complete your registration. 

The North Carolina board is only accepting the Verify state-specific credential for out-of-state pharmacists seeking to practice in certain situations. Check the board website for more information and ensure your eligibility before applying.  


The annual fee includes initial license verification and ongoing license monitoring services. It is $50 a year no matter how many state-specific credentials you add in the future. The application fee is nonrefundable. Refer to the NABP Refund Policy for details.

Your subscription will automatically renew unless you choose to opt out of this opportunity. If you fail to renew on time, your status will be changed to “closed” and all participating states will be notified information. 

Employers: Are you interested in purchasing bulk subscriptions for your pharmacists on staff? Contact our Industry Relations staff for more information.