Electronic Licensure Transfer Program

NABP’s Electronic Licensure Transfer Program® (eLTP) enables licensed pharmacists to easily transfer their existing pharmacist license to 1 or more states or jurisdictions. We facilitate the licensure transfer process on behalf of our member boards of pharmacy. As part of the process we verify the information you entered in your eLTP application through NABP e-Profile. Your existing licenses undergo a background check and are screened through NABP Clearinghouse, a national repository of pharmacist information supplied by the state boards of pharmacy. The jurisdictions’ board of pharmacy or licensing authority ultimately make the licensure decision based on the information gathered by NABP.

Graphic showing the steps for licensure transfer application


Get started by reviewing the steps below and making sure you meet the requirements of the jurisdictions where you want to transfer your license. 

Applications for both licensure transfer and the MPJE can be found in NABP e-Profile.

You are responsible for ensuring that all fees and documentation is submitted to the licensing authority within appropriate timelines. This is not included in the NABP application process.

After completing all necessary steps, you will receive notice from the licensing authority regarding the licensure decision. Licensure transfer (reciprocity) will not cause you to lose a license previously granted by a licensing authority.

The licensure transfer process will not cause you to lose a license previously granted by a board if you continue to maintain an “active” status for that license.

Pass the Law Exam

Many US jurisdictions require you to successfully complete a law examination before they issue a license by licensure transfer. Check the board of pharmacy website to determine what is required. A majority of jurisdictions require the MPJE, which is offered by NABP. You must apply for the MPJE separately. Log in to your NABP e-Profile to complete the MPJE application process.

If you are seeking licensure in one of the following jurisdictions, you must pass the MPJE before submitting a licensure transfer application: 

NABP confirms eligibility to take the MPJE for these jurisdictions. A passing MPJE score is needed to apply for licensure transfer to these jurisdictions. There is an $85 fee for the eligibility request. Read more about the MPJE and review the NAPLEX/MPJE Candidate Application Bulletin for additional information about taking the MPJE and the eligibility process for these jurisdictions.


Once you have identified and completed the jurisdiction-specific requirements, log in to your NABP e-Profile and submit the licensure transfer application. You can start the application and finish it at your convenience. The application will save your progress.

Be prepared to provide the following information in your application:

You will be asked to disclose any board actions taken against your license, whether disciplinary or non-disciplinary, including citation, reprimand, suspension, or revocation, to complete the application.

Adding or Changing Jurisdictions

Multiple jurisdictions can be included in 1 application, but changes cannot be made once the application is submitted. You may not add, delete, or change one jurisdiction to another on a submitted application. If you need to make a change to a requested jurisdiction, you will need to submit a new application after the existing application has been processed by NABP and submitted to the applicable licensing authority.

Allow Time for Processing

We will review your submitted application within 3 to 5 business days. Additional time may be needed if you have any board actions that were issued against your license.

Your application will then be sent to the licensing authority, and they will review it, assess your fulfillment of the other requirements, and make a licensure decision. The processing time can vary depending on the licensing authority.

Note: Some jurisdictions require that you print and mail or upload the eLTP application to their office or portal. Verify this step on the licensing website before you apply.

Application Fees

eLTP Application Fee$300
eLTP Transfer Fee$100 each
NABP applications are non-refundable.

Armed Forces Discount

NABP offers discounts for members of the armed forces and their spouses. When you begin your licensure transfer application, you will be given an opportunity to apply for the discount. Requests are not accepted via email. Your discount request must be approved before you submit and pay for your licensure transfer application.

Refund Policy

NABP does not provide refunds, credits, or prorated billing for licensure transfer applications that have been submitted to NABP. You will not receive a refund if:


If you cancel your application, you will not receive a refund from NABP. If you would like to cancel the licensure transfer application you have submitted, contact us at eltp@nabp.pharmacy.

Refer to the NABP Refund Policy for details.