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Our consumer-focused website, Safe.Pharmacy, serves as a reliable resource to educate the public about medication safety. While media reports have shed light on the opioid and fentanyl crises in recent years, safe pharmacy practices extend beyond these topics. Furthering our mission to protect public health, our goal is to provide consumers with valuable information on safe medication practices that impact the health and well-being of them and their loved ones.

Our Commitment to Safe Pharmacy

With a history of more than 115 years, we have been dedicated to advancing public health and safety. Our programs and services have evolved to address emerging challenges. In 1999, we introduced an accreditation program to help the public identify safe online pharmacies. In 2014, we launched the .pharmacy domain to make it easier for consumers to recognize verified websites. Since 2010, our Safe Pharmacy initiative has raised awareness about the opioid epidemic and prescription drug safety.

In pursuit of our commitment to our mission to protect the public health, we have worked with various organizations, such as Fight the Fakes, Acetaminophen Awareness Coalition, Song for Charlie, and the LA County Sheriff’s Department to educate consumers about how to safely purchase, consume, and dispose of medication.

Pharmacists are the most accessible health care provider to patients. As such, you can help to spread the word to your patients about the importance of online medication safety and provide them with valuable information and tips using

Explore our resources and Verify Before You Buy media kit about how to buy safely to stay informed and make educated, safe choices about medication.

Safe Pharmacy Tools

Drug Disposal Locator Tool

Protect others and the environment by finding a nearby drug disposal box to safely dispose of expired or unneeded medications.

Safe Site Search Tool

It is easy to locate an NABP-verified online pharmacy before purchasing prescription medications online with the Safe Site Search Tool.

Consumer PSAs

Medication Safety Resources

Designed for board of pharmacy executive officers at all experience levels, we hosted our first Medication Safety Academy in 2023, featuring discussions on preventing medication errors, implementing continuous quality improvement programs, and applying a just culture approach to increase patient safety. Watch the sessions to learn more.