The Multistate Pharmacy Jurisprudence Examination® (MPJE®) is designed to assess your application of laws and regulations for the specific states/jurisdictions and is taken by recent college of pharmacy graduates shortly after they receive their degree. The exam is also taken by licensed pharmacists who want to practice in other jurisdictions and pharmacists who are FPGEC certified.

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Explore the Candidate Application Bulletin

The Bulletin provides guidance and requirements for every step of the examination process.

Steps to Apply for the MPJE

You must complete the process outlined below when applying for the MPJE. A thorough breakdown of the application steps, including answers to common questions can also be found in the Bulletin.

NAPLEX and MPJE Steps to Apply
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  1. Read the Candidate Application Bulletin and learn state licensure requirements
    • Fully understand the process and expectations for examination candidates and check your board of pharmacy’s website to see if there are unique requirements in the state where you are seeking licensure.
    • If applicable, apply for the armed forces discount, apply for the armed forces discount in your NABP e-Profile, before applying for exam eligibility.
  1. Apply for exam eligibility
    • Apply in the Exam Services section of your NABP e-Profile and pay the application fee.
    • See the information below regarding eligibility. Timelines and fees may vary depending on the state.
    • If applicable, request ADA accommodations.
      • If you need test day accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), complete and follow the submission instructions on the Request for Testing Accommodations form. The form should be submitted with your online application.
    • Submit transcript upon degree conferral.
      • Transcripts are required if you have never taken the MPJE, regardless of your graduation year, are not licensed in the US, or have never submitted an official transcript to NABP. You must have an official transcript sent from your college of pharmacy to NABP in order to purchase the exam and receive an Authorization to Test (ATT). Learn more about how to submit your transcripts.
  1. Purchase the exam
    • Once eligibility is granted, and your education has been verified by NABP using your official transcript, the purchase exam link will appear in your NABP e-Profile. You may also purchase score transfers at this time, or you may wait until after you have taken the exam. You may purchase score transfers up to 89 days after your exam date. Candidates are advised to purchase score transfer requests as soon as possible. Waiting until the last day may result in the score transfer request option being unavailable.
  1. Schedule the exam with Pearson VUE
    • After purchasing the exam, you will receive an ATT via email and you can then schedule your appointment with Pearson VUE.
    • At the test center, you will have 5 minutes to read and agree to the terms and conditions of the nondisclosure agreement (NDA) for NABP examinations. You must select the “agree” box when the NDA is presented to proceed. Learn more about the NDA in the Taking Your Exams section of the Bulletin.
NAPLEX/MPJE Student Supplemental Resource Flyer
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Eligibility to Test

We confirm eligibility to test for Arizona, Colorado, District of Columbia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Nebraska, North Carolina, Oregon, Rhode Island, Utah, and Wisconsin. There is an additional $85 fee for these states during the application process, and candidates may be approved to purchase the exam after meeting all application requirements.

States not listed above have their own processes for confirming eligibility. The processing time varies per board. Check the board’s website for timelines.  

Updates on your eligibility status will be noted in the Exam Services section of your NABP e-Profile.

Learn about NABP’s commitment to the MPJE exam, highlighting the comprehensive review process that safeguards the validity and integrity of the pharmacy jurisprudence exam. 

Take the MPJE

The MPJE is a 2.5-hour exam composed of 120 computer-based questions. The exam uses adaptive technology to deliver selected-response questions. The exam results will be reported as pass or fail, and candidates are allowed 5 attempts per jurisdiction to pass the exam.

The following resources may assist you when preparing for the MPJE:

Read the test day policies and procedures found in the Bulletin to avoid being turned away from the test center.

Prepare for the MPJE with NABP’s 5 essential tips for test day.

Exam Results

If the jurisdiction for which you are testing participates in NABP’s online exam result interface, you will receive Pass or Fail exam results within 14 business days after you have taken the exam. Pass or Fail exam results are posted in your NABP e-Profile for majority of jurisdictions. For a Fail MPJE result, we provide a performance report that gives additional details across the competency areas. Candidates who are seeking license in the following jurisdictions are required to receive their exam results in the mail directly from these jurisdictions:

At this time, NABP will also release exam results to the board of pharmacy designated on your MPJE application.

Starting May 6, 2024, you will have the option to authorize NABP to share your exam results with your college of pharmacy. During the pre-screen before you start the exam, you will be presented with an opt-in waiver to share your results. Sharing your results with your college of pharmacy is optional but highly encouraged to provide colleges with additional information about class pass rates. Regardless of your exam results, there will be no repercussions on the conference of your degree. 

View the MPJE sample candidate performance report to find a breakdown of the information included in your exam results.

Yearly passing rates for each of the United States schools and colleges of pharmacy can be found in the Resources section.