Verified Pharmacy Program

NABP’s Verified Pharmacy Program® (VPP®) is the most widely recognized multistate, uniform inspection program accepted by state boards of pharmacy across the nation.

If your pharmacy is seeking nonresident licensure, VPP allows state boards of pharmacy to access your verified pharmacy licensure details, VPP inspection report, inspection responses, and other important data through the use of a secure information sharing network. The program equips the state boards of pharmacy with quality and timely data that can assist in decreasing the time it takes to make licensing decisions.

VPP is ideal for pharmacies that:

  • Need a nonresident pharmacy inspection required by an out-of-state board of pharmacy for renewing or obtaining nonresident licensure.
  • Want to pursue NABP Compounding Pharmacy Accreditation for which VPP is a prerequisite.

Benefits of VPP

Whether NABP programs are new to your business, or you are already NABP accredited and are looking to expand your portfolio, our processes simplify your journey toward VPP Inspection.

Apply for VPP as a standalone program or maximize your investment by creating a comprehensive compliance package for one streamlined, cost-effective accreditation process.

Learn More & Apply

How do I get started?

The first step in the process is to apply for a VPP Inspection. Once your application, required documentation, and specified fees have been received and you have agreed to the terms and conditions:

  • NABP conducts an unannounced on-site inspection of your pharmacy’s activities.
  • All business e-Profile information is accessible to the state boards of pharmacy to view.
  • The board staff receives alerts when new documents are available on the business e-Profile for pharmacies that are licensed and or seeking licensure.
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Looking to satisfy non-resident licensure requirements?

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To apply for an NABP inspection, businesses must meet basic eligibility requirements. To avoid unnecessary delays, review the Verified Pharmacy Program eligibility requirements below to determine if you are qualified to apply.


Get started on your path to an inspection by following the steps below:

  1. Confirm your eligibility.
  2. Create and complete a business e-Profile account:
  3. Gather appropriate supporting documents.
  4. Submit the application for one or multiple locations.

Use the Apply link to log in to NABP e-Profile and start the application process. For basic instructions on submitting your application, read the Application Basics document.

Interested in pricing?

Log in to your business e-Profile account and visit the Instructions and FAQs section to access pricing. Don’t have an account? Create your free business e-Profile account today.

Review the policy information prior to starting the VPP application.