Digital Pharmacy

Our Digital Pharmacy Accreditation has been accrediting pharmacies that uphold laws and meet the highest standards of pharmacy care since 1999. NABP’s Digital Pharmacy Accreditation is a three-year accreditation best suited for pharmacies that have a website offering at least one digital pharmacy practice (eg, new prescription orders, refills, transfers, counseling/medication therapy management (MTM), patient/prescriber portals, pharmacy care services). This accreditation proudly displays your ongoing commitment to providing quality healthcare and safe pharmacy practices over the internet.

Licensed pharmacies with a website(s) offering at least one digital pharmacy practice must first obtain and maintain accreditation through our Healthcare Merchant Accreditation program for each website to be included in the Digital Pharmacy Accreditation.

Because Healthcare Merchant Accreditation is a prerequisite:

  • You will automatically be eligible to advertise on Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Snapchat, and Twitter, and be placed on NABP’s safe sites list.
  • Mastercard and Visa will consider your online pharmacy a legitimate merchant for card-not-present transactions.

Whether NABP accreditation is new for your business or you are already NABP accredited and are looking to expand your portfolio, our processes simplify your journey toward Digital Pharmacy Accreditation.

Apply for Digital Pharmacy Accreditation as a stand-alone program or maximize your investment by creating a comprehensive compliance package for one streamlined, cost-effective accreditation process.

How do I get started?

After you’ve obtained the Healthcare Merchant Accreditation, your pharmacy is ready to apply for Digital Pharmacy Accreditation. The first step in the process is to confirm that the program meets your pharmacy’s needs and that your pharmacy is able to demonstrate compliance with the eligibility requirements, standards, and on-site survey. Once your application, supplemental documentation, and specified fees have been received, we will:

Icon of documentation to show reviewing policies and procedures

Review your policies and procedures

Icon to show license or credential review

Verify pharmacy and pharmacist licensure

Icon to signify conducting an on-site survey

Conduct an announced on-site survey of your pharmacy

Interested in learning more?

Practices that demonstrate compliance and high-quality patient care can earn this voluntary accreditation and better position their business to patients. Complete the accreditation form to request more information.

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To apply for an NABP accreditation, businesses must meet basic eligibility requirements. To avoid unnecessary delays, review the Digital Pharmacy Accreditation eligibility requirements below to determine if you are qualified to apply.

Accreditation Standards

The Digital Pharmacy Accreditation Standards Overview provides a brief introduction to the set of standards a pharmacy must meet to achieve accreditation. Download the Digital Pharmacy Accreditation Standards Overview document.


Get started on your path to accreditation by following the steps below:

  1. Obtain accreditation through the Healthcare Merchant Accreditation program and have at least one active .pharmacy domain prior to applying for Digital Pharmacy Accreditation.
    • Applicants who do not have Healthcare Merchant Accreditation prior to applying will not be considered for the Digital Pharmacy Accreditation.
  2. Confirm your eligibility.
  3. Review the Standards Summary to confirm that the program meets your business’s needs.
  4. Create and complete a business e-Profile account:
  5. Gather appropriate supporting documents.
  6. Submit the application for one or multiple accreditations.

Use the Apply link to log in to NABP e-Profile and start the application process. For basic instructions on submitting your application, read the Application Basics document.

Interested in pricing?

Log in to your business e-Profile account and visit the Instructions and FAQs section to access pricing. Don’t have an account? Create your free business e-Profile account today.

Maintaining Accreditation

  • Digital Pharmacy Accreditation is issued for a three-year term. NABP requires an annual compliance review and program participation fees in year two and year three.
  • The .pharmacy domain must be maintained and its registration renewed annually.
  • Following year three, a full reaccreditation must be completed.
  • Compliance reviews and reaccreditation are conducted to determine eligibility for continued accreditation.
    • Prior to your accreditation anniversary date, NABP provides guidelines for completing annual compliance reviews and reaccreditation.