Prepare for the FPGEE® with the only practice exam that uses past questions. The Pre-FPGEE® is an affordable study tool that can be purchased for $75 and taken online.

The practice exam provides a trial run for the FPGEE by becoming familiar with the testing process and question formatting. The practice exam can be taken up to 2 times annually. The practice exam offers:

66 Exam Questions85-Minute Time LimitScore Report
Questions are from past FPGEE exams and will help you get familiar with the exam format.The practice exam encourages you to work efficiently and simulates FPGEE time requirements.* 
You should allow an additional 15-20 minutes to complete the registration process and exit survey. 
At the end of the practice exam, you will receive an estimated scaled score via email to print for your records. 
*The exam is available online and must be completed once started. After you register and pay for the practice exam, you will have 7 days to take the exam. There are no refunds for practice exams. Refer to the NABP Refund Policy for details.

Browser and System Requirements
You will need to have a computer with reliable internet access (wired, high-speed connection preferred) to take the Pre-FPGEE. More information can be found in the Support Center.

FPGEE and Pre-FPGEE Content is Protected Under Law

The FPGEE and Pre-FPGEE and its contents are the exclusive property of NABP. The FPGEE and Pre-FPGEE are confidential examinations protected by law, including copyright, and other applicable laws and regulations.

Individuals are expressly prohibited, at all times, from selling, offering, disclosing, making available, transmitting, copying, reproducing, purchasing, receiving, or acquiring without prior written NABP authorization, the FPGEE and Pre-FPGEE including, without limitation, examination questions, answers, question format, profiles, and scenarios.

If NABP obtains information indicating that an individual is engaged in the prohibited conduct described in this section, NABP, at its sole discretion, may take one or more actions against the individual including, without limitation, disqualification from the FPGEE program, provision of information about the individual’s alleged misconduct to one or more boards of pharmacy or regulatory or law enforcement authorities, or pursuit of administrative, civil, or criminal proceedings or penalties. If NABP obtains information indicating an examination candidate disclosed, published, reproduced, transmitted, received without authorization, or made available any portion of the FPGEE and Pre-FPGEE, as described above, in any form to or from individuals, organizations, study groups, or the like, NABP may take actions against the candidate resulting in but not limited to disqualification from the FPGEE program, civil penalties, and/or criminal proceedings.

Effective July 11, 2023