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How do I apply for an Armed Forces discount?

Members of the Armed Forces and their spouses can obtain discounts for NAPLEX, MPJE, and our Electronic Licensure Transfer Program (eLTP). Qualifying individuals include members (reserve, active, or inactive) of the US armed forces and their spouses. Individuals who are no longer serving must have received an honorable discharge to be eligible for the discount.

Members, reserves, veterans, and spouses of the following branches are eligible to request the discount:

Officers in the Commissioned Corp of the Public Health must be actively deployed to any of the 7 branches of the armed forces to be eligible for this discount. Provide additional documentation reflecting your deployment from the specific military branch listed above along with the Public Health Service documentation for review.

How to Apply for a Discount

Apply for an armed forces discount in your NABP e-Profile account by logging in and clicking Armed Forces in the right menu. Follow the prompts and submit the required documentation to apply:


Submit your Armed Forces discount application before you submit a NAPLEX, MPJE, or eLTP application.

Documentation for Armed Forces Members

Active armed forces members will be asked to provide 1 of the following documents based on your status:

Inactive members must provide:

Documentation for Spouses of Armed Forces Members

Spouses of service memberswill be asked to provide 1 of the following documents with a copy of a marriage certificate/license, based on your spouse’s status:

If your spouse is inactive, you must provide:

If your armed forces discount request is approved, it will be recorded in your e-Profile account and applied to future purchases for eligible NABP programs. You will also receive an email confirmation when your request has been processed. At that time, you may begin the application process for NAPLEX, MPJE, or eLTP. Your fee will be discounted at checkout.