The state boards of pharmacy and jurisdictions are divided into 8 geographical districts to better consider important regional issues and communicate with other regional boards. Each district has its own officers to govern the region.

Although districts are guided by the Constitution and Bylaws, they are separate entities from NABP. Districts frequently collaborate with NABP, particularly during the Association’s Annual Meeting, when each district’s elected delegate serves on the NABP Committee on Resolutions.

District Meetings

District meetings are a great way for board members to get further involved. Each district holds its own joint district meeting with the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) to discuss issues of mutual concern within their region, national issues that impact the district, and current industry topics. Resolutions relating to or affecting the district’s boards are also discussed and voted on during the meetings.

The discussion and outcomes of the district meetings benefit NABP and AACP because issues and resolutions impacting the national organizations can be further addressed or acted on when necessary following the meetings.

Upcoming Meetings & Resolutions

Stay up-to-date with important regional and national issues by attending your district meeting. View the resolutions passed at the last Annual Meeting.

District Contacts

District Composition

District 1Connecticut; Maine; Massachusetts; New Brunswick; Newfoundland and Labrador; New Hampshire; Nova Scotia; Quebec; Rhode Island; and Vermont
District 2Delaware; District of Columbia; Maryland; New Jersey; New York; Ontario; Pennsylvania; Prince Edward Island; Virginia; and West Virginia
District 3Alabama; Florida; Georgia; Kentucky; Mississippi; North Carolina; Puerto Rico; South Carolina; Tennessee; and the Virgin Islands
District 4Illinois; Indiana; Michigan; Ohio; and Wisconsin
District 5Iowa; Manitoba; Minnesota; Nebraska; North Dakota; Saskatchewan; and South Dakota
District 6Arkansas; Kansas; Louisiana; Missouri; Oklahoma; and Texas
District 7Alaska; Alberta; British Columbia; Idaho; Montana; Oregon; Washington; and Wyoming
District 8Arizona; California; Colorado; Guam; Hawaii; Nevada; New Mexico; and Utah