District 4 Contacts

Australia, Bahamas, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin

 District Website

District 4 Chairperson

Rich Miller

Email: Drmiller03@hotmail.com

Alternate Email: Donald.miller@walgreens.com

Phone: 614/226-8792

District 4 AACP Chairperson

Dr Henry Mann

Dean/Professor, The Ohio State University, College of Pharmacy

Email: Mann.414@osu.edu

Phone: 614/292-5711

District 4 Secretary/Treasurer

Deeb Eid, Pharm D

Ferris State University, College of Pharmacy

25 Michigan NE, Suite 7000, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Email: Deebeid@ferris.edu

Phone: 419/508-1669

District 4 Executive Committee Member

Fred M. Weaver