District 2 Contacts

Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Ontario, Pennsylvania, Prince Edward Island, Virginia, and West Virginia

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District 2 Chairperson

Deena Speights-Napata

Executive Director, Maryland Board of Pharmacy

Maryland Dept of Health, 4201 Patterson Ave, Room 509

Email: deena.speights-napata@maryland.gov

Phone: 410/764-4753

District 2 AACP Chairperson

Anne Lin

Dean, Notre Dame College of Pharmacy, University of Maryland

Email: Alin@ndm.edu

Phone: 410/532-5545

District 2 Secretary/Treasurer

Alison Hill

Email: alauricehill@hotmail.com

Phone: 864/415-2151

District 2 Executive Committee Member

Caroline D. Juran

District 2 Executive Committee Member

Tejal J. Patel