Pulse & DSCSA

Pulse is NABP’s inclusive, accessible, and secure means of simplifying DSCSA compliance.  

NABP has a 119-year history of solving complex regulatory challenges to meet its mission of protecting public health. After the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) was signed into law in 2013, we explored its impact on trading partners.

Requirements under DSCSA include:

We sought input from an industry-wide network of regulators and stakeholders and conducted our first pilot program in early 2022. In the process, we uncovered interoperability gaps between industry participants and state regulators. To further explore DSCSA interoperability, a second pilot program was held in late 2023 with a significant representation of the drug supply chain industry. The pilot aimed to understand business requirements and uncover outstanding gaps in the tools and processes needed to meet DSCSA requirements. Pulse supports the industry by offering a comprehensive directory of trading partners, streamlining communication, and reducing administrative work – all within a secure, interoperable system.

How Pulse Supports DSCSA Compliance

Learn About DSCSA

DSCSA Resources

Reference Guide: FDA’s list of DSCSA law and policy documents

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Blog Series: Industry topics and action steps ahead of the November DSCSA compliance deadline

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Online Resources: DSCSA resource website for dispensers that we put together with our partner organizations

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DSCSA Webinars

Sign up for the following on-demand webinars to learn more about getting ready for the DSCSA requirements.

Preparing for DSCSA: What the Deadline Means for Trading Partners

Learn what the DSCSA deadline means for trading partners across the supply chain and how to prepare for the upcoming requirements. Panelists will discuss many frequently asked questions.

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DSCSA Update – Are We Ready for November 27?

Explore the threat that counterfeits pose to our nation’s drug supply, what dispensers can do to protect the supply chain, and how NABP is facilitating interoperability.

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DSCSA Update – What Do Regulators and Pharmacies Really Need to Know?

Hear about the NABP DSCSA pilot project and the impact of what needs to be accomplished in the time remaining the November 2023 deadline. A panel will discuss what regulators and pharmacies really need to know about the DSCSA and how to prepare for the future.

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Understanding New DSCSA Requirements and Common Diversion Schemes

Gain an understanding of the DSCSA requirements and how regulations will be impacted. Plus, learn how NABP’s accreditation programs play a pivotal role in preventing counterfeit drugs and devices from entering the US drug supply. 

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