When you’re studying to take a pharmacy exam like the North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination® (NAPLEX®) or the Multistate Pharmacy Jurisprudence Examination® (MPJE®), the last thing on your mind might be scheduling your testing appointment, but the process is more nuanced than you might think. In this blog post, I will discuss the main components to successfully scheduling your pharmacy licensure exams.  

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Applying for Eligibility

The first step is to apply for eligibility, select your primary jurisdiction, and ensure your official transcripts are submitted from your school to NABP. Your board of pharmacy must grant eligibility, but first you’ll need to make sure you meet the licensure requirements in the state or jurisdiction in which you are applying. You can confirm all the requirements on your Board of Pharmacy’s website.  

 Once you’ve confirmed you meet the licensure requirements, you can apply for eligibility. The nonrefundable eligibility application fee is $100 for the NAPLEX and $100 per jurisdiction for the MPJE and must be paid when you apply. You will apply for eligibility online via your NABP e-Profile. If you don’t already have an NABP e-Profile, follow these instructions to create one.  

 You will also need to request that your school send your official transcripts to NABP. Transcripts submitted directly by the candidate do not meet the criteria for verifying your education.  

The board of pharmacy you select as your primary jurisdiction will determine your eligibility to sit for the exam. There are some jurisdictions where NABP is authorized to determine eligibility on behalf of the board of pharmacy. If you select these jurisdictions, there will be an $85 processing fee when you submit the eligibility application through e-Profile. 

Once your eligibility is granted, the link to purchase the exam will become available in your e-Profile. Your eligibility period is generally granted for 1 year, but we strongly recommend that you purchase your exam as soon as you are granted eligibility as appointment times at your preferred testing location can quickly fill up.  

Receiving Your ATT

After you purchase your exam via e-Profile, you will receive your Authorization to Test (ATT) via email at the same email address you used to access your e-Profile account. 

Your ATT includes your name, eligibility dates for the exam, and instructions for scheduling your testing appointment. You must have your ATT to schedule your exam at a Pearson VUE testing location. Your ATT is valid for only 1 testing appointment.  

If you do not receive your ATT letter, check your spam or junk mail folders. If you still do not have access to your ATT, contact Pearson VUE customer service

Scheduling Your Exam 

Once you have your ATT, you should schedule your exam right away. If your 1-year eligibility period expires prior to scheduling an examination appointment, you will forfeit all fees and must begin the application process again, including paying the application and examination fees. 

If you are a resident accepted to a program, per ASHP you have 120 days from the start of your residency to take your exam and get licensed.  

The NAPLEX and the MPJE are administered at Pearson Professional Centers in all 50 United States, US territories, and the District of Columbia 

Exam Scheduling Options 

Online: You will schedule an examination appointment at a testing center through the Pearson VUE website. Follow the instructions to set up a Pearson VUE online account and select your preferred testing location, date, and time. This option is not available if you are testing with approved ADA accommodations.  

If you schedule online, once you sign in to your Pearson VUE account, you will generally be able to schedule an appointment within 6 weeks. The website will offer appointments at testing centers within 100 miles of your home, but you can schedule an appointment in any jurisdiction that you prefer. 

Phone: Contact Pearson VUE customer service. If you schedule by phone, you will be asked to verify your identity and confirm which NABP examination you have been authorized to take. If you have been approved for any ADA accommodations, once you have received confirmation from NABP of your accommodations, you need to schedule your appointment by phone via Pearson VUE Accommodations staff. 

You will receive a confirmation email from Pearson VUE confirming the details of your appointment once it has been scheduled. The email will also include directions to your test center and instructions and policies for rescheduling or canceling your appointment. Make sure all personal information on your confirmation email is correct and that your name exactly matches the name on the ID you will present at the testing center.  

Appointments may be canceled or rescheduled via your online Pearson account or by calling Pearson VUE customer service at least 2 business days prior to your scheduled appointment. 

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