Unclear CBD Legislation Keeps Regulators on Edge

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Graphic image showing CBD products and regulations

Since the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD-infused food and drink products have taken the marketplace by storm. You’ve probably seen it yourself in the grocery store – shelves featuring chocolate, tea, candy, and other edibles containing cannabidiol. These products are often impermissibly marketed to treat everything from anxiety to joint pain to cancer. […]

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Increasing Access to Naloxone Can Be a Lifeline in the Community

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Image of naloxone medication information

If it weren’t for naloxone, many Americans would not be alive today. From 1996 to June 2014, at least 26,000 opioid overdoses were reversed with naloxone provided by community-based organizations. Naloxone access laws correlate with a 9 to 11 percent reduction in opioid-related deaths by state. In 2017, 70,237 Americans died from drug overdoses, and […]

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Arkansas Inspector Ensures Pharmacies Are Up to Code

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Headshot of Kevin Robertson

Inspectors/investigators are the eyes and ears for boards of pharmacy, ensuring compliance with pharmacy law and practice standards. In this feature, inspectors reveal what they’ve learned in the field. Kevin Robertson, PharmD, PD, BCPS Inspector/Investigator, Arkansas State Board of Pharmacy How long have you been serving as an inspector for the Board? What was your […]

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