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What’s the difference between the CPE code and the ACPE Universal Activity Number (UAN)?

The code you need to enter to claim CPE credit is provided at the end of the live CPE activity or after registering for a home study CPE activity. These codes are between 4 and 13 characters long. The code is sometimes called an “activity code,” a “session code,” or an “enrollment code.” You need this code to claim credit on the NABP CPE Submission Site.

The ACPE UAN is always 17 letters/numbers long in the following format: XXXX-XXXX-XX-XXX-XXX-X. All UANs for NABP’s CPE activities start with 0205. The UAN is for ACPE and CPE Monitor record-keeping purposes only.


Do not enter the UAN into the code submission or redemption box in the CPE Submission Site, as it will not provide you with CPE credit. Only enter the code that was provided for your CPE activity.