FPGEC Certification Timeline

Achieving FPGEC certification is an investment of time and effort. The timeline outlined below will give you a basic understanding of the FPGEC certification process. Please note that during high volume periods, timeframes may vary. The FPGEC Candidate Application Bulletin provides details to all application, document submission, and testing processes. Use the Bulletin to guide you through the certification process.

The FPGEC certification process can be divided into these four categories, which are detailed below:

  1. Before Submitting Your Application
  2. Initial Evaluation
  3. Acceptance to Take the FPGEE
  4. Receiving FPGEC Certification and Next Steps

1. Before Submitting Your Application

There are a few things that you will need to do before you can begin the FPGEC application process.

  • Make sure you have an NABP e-Profile and e-Profile ID. You will need an account to be able to log in and submit the online FPGEC application.
  • Gather your degree credentials and submit an application and official documentation to Educational Credentials Evaluators (ECE). ECE verifies your degree credentials on behalf of NABP. ECE is the only organization that NABP works with for the evaluation of foreign educational credentials. An evaluation from any other organization will not be accepted.
  • Ensure that the appropriate proof of licensure and/or registration to practice pharmacy is available and can be sent to NABP along with your other required documents (passport, attestation,  and photos).
  • Prepare to sit for the TOEFL iBT and review the requirements. FPGEC applications are only valid for two years, and the TOEFL iBT requirement must be met within this timeframe.

For details on preparing these items, see the FPGEC Candidate Application Bulletin.

2. Initial Evaluation

(Eight Weeks After Receipt of All Documentation)

Even if we have received your FPGEC application, evaluation will not begin until all required documentation is received at NABP Headquarters – this includes a passing TOEFL iBT score report. Evaluation may take up to eight weeks from the time the last piece of supporting documentation is received. You will have two years to meet all the requirements for acceptance into the FPGEC program.

Since evaluation of documentation does not begin until the last document is received, evaluation may be significantly delayed if documents are sent incorrectly the first time. Review all requirements thoroughly and submit required documentation in a timely manner.

In addition to the FPGEC application submitted online, the supporting documents that must be received by NABP for your initial evaluation to begin include:

  1. FPGEC Attestation (including additional loose photo)
  2. License and/or Registration
  3. Certified Copy of photo ID
  4. ECE Report/Documentation (http://www.ece.org/nabp)
  5. Passing TOEFL iBT score report (http://www.ets.org)

After you request the TOEFL iBT score report be released to NABP, it takes approximately 4 weeks for NABP to process your score. Once NABP receives your passing TOEFL iBT score, you will see a confirmation in e-Profile under the ‘Score Results’ tab in ‘Foreign Pharmacy.’ NABP will not post partial or failing scores. You may check the ETS site to view your scores on each section of the exam.

Read the section on TOEFL iBT requirements and ECE application procedures in the FPGEC Candidate Application Bulletin for more details on what you need to submit to each organization.

It is advisable to wait until you have all required documentation and then submit your online application to NABP.

Check your application status and document evaluation status at any time by logging into your NABP e-Profile. NABP Customer Engagement sees the same information about your FPGEC application and documents that you do, and cannot provide you with any additional information.

Additional Evaluation

(Eight Weeks After Receipt of Requested Documentation or Information)

If your e-Profile shows a deficiency status for required documentation be sure to address the issues noted as soon as possible. Do not forget that you have two years for your FPGEC application to be accepted or it will expire.

Each time you submit corrected/required documents per your deficiency posting, they must be evaluated. It can take an additional eight weeks from the time they are received by NABP for the new documents to be evaluated. Evaluation will not begin until all deficient documents are received at NABP Headquarters.

Causes for additional review time that will significantly delay the acceptance of your FPGEC application include:

  • Incomplete applications,
  • deficient documentation,
  • documentation that does not follow the requirements as described in the FPGEC Candidate Application Bulletin, and
  • name discrepancies.

If you submit documents with names that do not match the name in your NABP e-Profile, you will need to submit a name change request with appropriate supporting documentation directly to the FPGEC. Evaluation of supporting documentation for name changes requests may take up to eight weeks from the time the last piece of supporting documentation is received.

You can reduce processing delays by closely following the document submission requirements stated in the section on Pharmacist Credentials in the FPGEC Candidate Application Bulletin. You are encouraged to read this bulletin throughout the certification process. It will answer any questions you have. It also provides instructions on the proper methods of channeling your inquiries to the FPGEC department and NABP Customer Engagement.

Mail Delivery

(Up to 30 Business Days)

When sending documentation by mail, allow 30 business days for correspondence sent internationally and 10 business days for correspondence sent within the United States.

Tracking delivery of documentation is the responsibility of the applicant. You are encouraged to use a delivery service that allows you to track the whereabouts of the documentation you have sent to NABP Headquarters.

3. Acceptance to Take the FPGEE

When you have completed all the requirements for your FPGEC application to be accepted, you will be notified that you are eligible to purchase and schedule your Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Equivalency Examination (FPGEE) appointment. The notification will be posted in your e-Profile and sent to you via email. You will have two years from the acceptance date to take and pass the FPGEE.

You will also be issued an FPGEE Identification Card (FIC) five business days after you have been accepted via US Postal Mail. Please note, this is the timeframe for sending the FIC, the delivery date can vary depending on your location.

FPGEE Registration

The FPGEE is administered once per year. The examination registration deadline is approximately two weeks before the FPGEE administration.

Day of the Test

You must present the FIC on the day of the test. If you do not bring the card to the testing center on the test day you will not be able to take the FPGEE and you will forfeit your fee. Copies or pictures of the FIC will not be accepted. In addition, the name on your primary identification must match your name in e-Profile exactly. Read the FPGEC Candidate Application Bulletin carefully for identification and name matching requirements related to FPGEE test center admission.

FPGEE Scores Posted After Testing

(Eight Weeks After Testing)

Your FPGEE scores will be available approximately eight weeks after you take the examination. Your score will be available in your e-Profile and will not be mailed. The minimum acceptable passing score for the FPGEE is 75.

4. Receiving FPGEC Certification and Next Steps

After you have been accepted and successfully receive passing scores on the TOEFL iBT and the FPGEE, you will be granted your FPGEC Certificate. The FPGEC Certificate will be mailed to the address provided in your e-Profile within ten weeks of the TOEFL iBT exam date or six weeks from the FPGEE score load date. Your e-Profile will include a FPGEC Certification date which can be viewed by the boards of pharmacy.

After Receiving FPGEC Certification

Once you achieve FPGEC certification, please contact the board of pharmacy in the state where you wish to obtain your pharmacist license to receive information about that state’s requirements for internship and licensure. NABP also advises that you check the state’s eligibility requirements for the North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination (NAPLEX) and Multistate Pharmacy Jurisprudence Examination (MPJE) before registering for those examinations. The board of pharmacy has access to the NABP e-Profile database to view your FPGEE score and certification date.