Obtaining a .Pharmacy Domain

Pharmacy community members ready to set themselves apart as trustworthy and legitimate can obtain a .pharmacy domain in three basic steps:

  1. Review the Eligibility Requirements to ensure you are eligible to apply for and register a .pharmacy domain name.
    • NABP is in the process of creating relationships with regulatory agencies outside of the US. If a relationship has not been established in the country where your organization is located, NABP will contact you immediately to discuss how this may delay approval of your application.
  2. If eligible, apply to NABP for approval to register a domain name. The application review process is expected to take approximately 60 days if the application is complete and NABP does not require further information.
  3. Upon application approval, NABP will grant you a secure, electronic token. You will need to submit the token to one of NABP’s approved registrars to register the domain.

Those granted a .pharmacy domain must re-apply with NABP and re-register with one of NABP’s approved registrars annually. All relevant fees will be charged. More details about renewals are below.

Ready to Apply?

Before beginning your application, read the Know Before You Apply. Also, use one of these recommended browsers or you may experience difficulties with the application: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Safari.

Application instructions may vary based on your type of organization.

Fees and Pricing

NABP Application Fee: $975 per website review. You must provide the content of the proposed .pharmacy site either via a live site or a staged site. The application fee is paid annually.

  • Please note that the NABP application fee covers the review of one website. You will be charged an application fee for each subsequent website.

Registrar Domain Registration Fee: Pricing varies and is determined by the registrar. It is payable to the registrar annually after NABP approves your website.

  • Fees charged by the registrar will be higher if you register a premium domain name. Premium domain names include terms denoting a particular disease, generic medication, or general pharmacy-related concept. These names are in high demand and carry both risk and opportunity, to harm or benefit public health.

Refund Policy: No refunds of the application fee or the registration fee will be granted unless the .pharmacy domain applied for has been approved by NABP for a different applicant. Such refund will be made in the same manner that the fee was paid to NABP.

Participating Registrars

Below are the registrars that have partnered with us to provide domain name registration services. Once your application has been approved, use the NABP electronic token to purchase your domain from one of the registrars below.

dotpharmacy registrar


You will be required to renew your .pharmacy domain annually. As part of that process, you will be asked to re-apply for verification with NABP and re-register your domain with the registrar.

NABP will email you with instructions when it is time for your renewal.