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Have you been approved by NABP’s Healthcare Merchant Accreditation program?* Congratulations! The rest is easy.

Now that you are approved, the next step is to get your .pharmacy domain name. The .pharmacy domain, like .gov and .edu, shows the world that you are part of a limited group of entities in a specialized market. A .pharmacy domain name is a “seal of approval” that meets accreditation requirements for online advertising and card-not-present financial transactions. It also strengthens your reputation as a legitimate entity offering products, services, and information that are reliable and safe.

Once your organization is approved and your .pharmacy domain name is active, we will add you to our Accredited Websites List. Online advertising platforms, financial institutions, and patients use this list to verify that a website is safe and lawful.

*NABP may approve other health care accreditation programs as meeting requirements to register a .pharmacy domain name. Currently, NABP’s Healthcare Merchant Accreditation is the only credential meeting this requirement. Is your accreditation program interested in being recognized by NABP’s .Pharmacy Registry? Email registry@safe.pharmacy for more information.

Getting your .Pharmacy Domain Name

  1. Request one or more .pharmacy domain names by submitting a Domain Name Registration Application to us.
  2. Upon approval of your request, we will email you an electronic token that you will use to register each domain name with an NABP-authorized registrar.
  3. Select from NABP’s authorized registrars to register your .pharmacy domain name(s).
  4. Connect your .pharmacy domain name(s) to your approved website content.

NABP Authorized Registrars

Below are the registrars that have partnered with us to provide domain name registration services. You can check the links below to determine a .pharmacy domain name’s availability and cost. Once your application has been approved, use the NABP electronic token to register your domain name with your preferred participating registrar.

dotpharmacy registrar

Report Abuse

Contact us to report website/abuse complaints:

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Phone: 847/391-4406
Fax: 847/375-1114
Email: abuse@safe.pharmacy
Attn: Digital Health Manager

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