Healthcare Merchant Accreditation Fee Policy

Application and Participation Fee: This program accredits organizations, including (but not limited to) all subsidiaries and licensed facilities. The cost is calculated based on the number of websites an organization wishes to enroll in the program. An organization that wishes to enroll only one of its websites pays $975, while an organization that wishes to enroll 3 websites would pay $2,925. An applicant may submit multiple websites as part of a single application. An organization is not required to enroll all of its websites in the program; however, all websites will still be included within the scope of the program’s review. All enrolled websites will be published in NABP’s directory.

This fee is paid annually. The fee covers an annual review and up to a year of inclusion in the Healthcare Merchant Accreditation program, provided that the organization achieves accreditation.

Refund Policy: As a matter of policy, NABP does not issue refunds for Healthcare Merchant Accreditation fees.

.Pharmacy Domain Name Registration Fee: The purchase of a .pharmacy domain name is required in order to achieve Healthcare Merchant Accreditation. However, this fee is paid to the domain name registrar, not NABP. The price charged to registrants is determined solely by the registrar.

Refund requests regarding the purchase of a .pharmacy domain name should be sent directly to the registrant’s contracted registrar. NABP does not control the refund policies or practices of domain name registrars.