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What is my “NABP number”?

NABP does not assign numbers to pharmacies or other healthcare entities. The term “NABP number” is often used interchangeably with the term “NCPDP number,” but the two are not the same.

If your pharmacy is being asked for your “NABP number,” they may mean your NCPDP number. This is most likely to arise from a third-party payer.  

If you are applying for a license and the application requests an NABP number, it may be referring to the number that was previously assigned to accredited entities and facilities. The number appeared on program certificates and is no longer issued. Regulators can confirm accreditation status using a program’s accredited facilities list.

If you need the number associated with your NABP “profile,” also known as your business e-Profile, log in to your account to find your NABP e-Profile ID.