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How can I pay an invoice?

There are 2 payment methods.

  1. Credit card payments can be made by calling our Accounting department staff at 847/391-4574.  
  2. Check payments can be mailed to:

National Association of Boards of Pharmacy
Attn: Accounting Department
1600 Feehanville Dr
Mount Prospect, IL 60056

To request a check payment code, contact the Accreditation and Inspection Programs staff at 847/391-4539 at any point during the application process or email the specific accreditation program you are applying for. Once the code has been provided, you may enter it on the payment page, to submit your application by check.

The total fees to be paid by your facility are calculated after all relevant application questions have been answered. To determine if the calculation is consistent with expectations, program pricing can be viewed on the FAQ and Resources tab after logging in to your business e-Profile.

After the payment has been successfully processed, a receipt will be emailed to the person listed as the contact on your application.