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How should we submit our responses to the completed Supply Chain Inspection report?

The facility is encouraged to read the inspection report carefully in its entirety. We suggest any response includes detailed explanations and evidence/support. All responses must be submitted using the Supply Chain Inspection Response Template. It’s a business decision if you want to respond to an inspection report and what information you provide in your response; however, we strongly encourage a response as it may provide more information to a state if it requests your inspection information and uses it for licensure decisions. NABP will make the response and its supporting materials available to states upon their request.

If you include attachments, it is important that each page within the compiled electronic attachments be clearly identified, whether it is by attachment number or by title at the top of each page. Your response may include: 

You will have 30 days from the date you receive the final inspection report to respond. No responses will be received after that time and no extensions will be granted. 

Send all requests to