NABP Verify Program Requirements

The NABP Verify program verifies that an applicant’s license(s) are maintained in good standing. Once initially verified, the applicant’s license(s) are subject to ongoing monitoring by National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) to confirm they remain in good standing. Program participants pay an annual fee for the verification and ongoing monitoring services.  

NABP issues credentials to applicants who meet the NABP Verify program requirements. NABP Verify does not convey authorization to practice pharmacy. State and jurisdictional boards of pharmacy must accept the credential in order for credential holders to provide pharmacy-related services in the applicable state or jurisdiction. 

Credentials that NABP issues through its NABP Verify program can be maintained by credential holders based upon ongoing licensure in good standing, as determined via the NABP Verify monitoring service, and maintaining an active NABP Verify monitoring subscription.  

The practice authority will be defined by individual state or jurisdictional statutes, regulations, or policies. These laws, rules, or policies may reference the NABP Verify credential as a requirement to practice in the manner authorized by that state or jurisdictional licensing agency. There are three NABP Verify credential statuses: 

  1. Active: Credential holders that continue to subscribe and meet program requirements are accorded active status for all state-specific credentials. 
  2. Inactive: Credential holders that do not meet program requirements addressing licensure or discipline are accorded inactive status for all state-specific credentials. At the request of a state or jurisdiction, NABP will place the corresponding credential on inactive status. If the credential holder holds one or more additional state-specific credentials, those statuses remain active so long as the holder continues to subscribe and meet program requirements.  
  3. Closed: Credential holders who do not renew or who terminate their subscription are accorded closed status for all state-specific credentials.  NABP staff can close a state-specific credential based upon the credential holder’s explicit direction. 

A credential holder can view the status of their NABP Verify subscription as well as all state-specific credentials within their NABP e-Profile.    

All individuals who wish to hold a credential must meet the following NABP Verify program requirements for participation. 

You are not eligible for an NABP Verify credential for the same state in which you hold an Active Pharmacist license.

Fair Credit Reporting Act
The professional credential verification services offered through NABP Verify are considered background checking services under federal and state law. Although NABP does not conduct typical background screenings, such as credit and criminal checks, we comply with the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and similar state laws. Read more about the FCRA.

If you believe your credential verification report has inaccurate or incomplete information, you will find details about our dispute process on the FCRA information page. Review the dispute process thoroughly before completing and submitting the dispute form.

Program Requirements: