Media Contact

Larissa Doucette

To further streamline Verified Pharmacy ProgramTM (VPPTM) processes, the VPP online customer application was launched on July 15, 2015. The new application will facilitate a more efficient application process for pharmacies and further support the program’s goal to make pharmacy licensure, inspection, and disciplinary action information available to the boards of pharmacy to support licensure decisions.

Developed by NABP in conjunction with the state boards of pharmacy, VPP assists the boards in communicating and sharing critical information, in addition to providing access to verified data collected directly through the program. The system also allows the states the capability to upload their own state inspection reports.

As an extension of NABP’s existing pharmacist licensure transfer system, VPP is meant to serve as an enhancement to existing licensure processes by facilitating this data sharing capability.

VPP can assist pharmacies, particularly those dispensing medications to patients in multiple states, by facilitating the sharing of verified pharmacy data and providing inspection services, where necessary, that support the boards’ existing nonresident licensure processes.

For more information about VPP, contact the NABP Accreditation department at Additional information is also available in the Programs section of the NABP website.