We are closely monitoring the effects of COVID-19. Important updates for our accreditation and inspection programs can be viewed here.


Attention Accreditation and Inspection Applicants: Open Applications Must Be Submitted by October 14

NABP is launching a new system for accreditation and inspection applications, and the current application system will soon be discontinued. In anticipation of this change, all open applications and payments must be submitted by 5:00 PM CST on October 14 or they will not transition to the new system. If you do not submit your application by October 14, your application will be closed and you will have to create a new application in the new system. We apologize any inconvenience this may cause. Please send your questions or concerns to vpp@nabp.pharmacy.

NABP’s Verified Pharmacy Program® (VPP®) can help streamline the interstate licensure and inspection process for pharmacies, potentially reducing costs related to multiple inspectionsIf your pharmacy is seeking nonresident licensure, VPP allows state boards of pharmacy to access your verified pharmacy licensure details and other important data through the use of a secure information sharing network. Becoming a VPP participant provides your pharmacy with its own NABP e-Profile ID, which will enable boards of pharmacy to ensure that they are accessing information about the correct pharmacy. The program equips the state boards of pharmacy with quality and timely data that can assist in decreasing the time it takes to make licensing decisions.

If your facility has been VPP inspected, you may find the business e-Profile ID on the top right hand corner of the VPP inspection report. If your facility has not been inspected through VPP, it is unlikely it will have its own NABP e-Profile ID. If you need a business e-Profile ID, you will need to contact VPP at vpp@nabp.pharmacy.

Ready to Participate in the Verified Pharmacy Program?

The amount of time that it takes to complete the VPP process can vary depending on a pharmacy’s preparedness, whether there is any pending discipline, and the states where the pharmacy resides or is licensed. Make sure to allow sufficient time to complete the VPP process, which typically ranges from 60-120 days. See Steps to Apply for detailed steps about the application process.

Benefits of VPP

VPP acts as a supplement to state processes for pharmacies that must renew or obtain nonresident licensure to remain compliant. VPP provides state boards of pharmacy with your verified pharmacy data and a uniform inspection service when requested to assist with licensing decisions.

VPP offers inspections for nonresident pharmacies. If an out-of-state board requires a current inspection by a board-approved third party or designated agent, an inspection through VPP may meet this requirement.

VPP can assist compounding pharmacies in demonstrating compliance with USP Chapters <795> and/or <797>. This helpful process is available for resident and nonresident pharmacies.

Enhanced Compliance Services

To assist pharmacies licensed in multiple states with monitoring and complying with regulatory changes, policies, and license renewals in each state, NABP plans to launch a suite of enhanced compliance services* provided through the Verified Pharmacy Program. These services will include automated monitoring and notices to pharmacies related to:

  • Pharmacist and technician license statuses associated with the e-Profiles of VPP pharmacies, including upcoming expirations (resident and nonresident)
  • Pharmacy licenses (resident and nonresident)
  • Continuing education compliance
  • Office of Inspector General compliance
  • Pharmacist-in-charge requirements reporting
  • State regulatory updates

*Additional fees may apply for enhanced compliance services.