The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy® (NABP®) is pleased to announce the launch of its redesigned consumer website, NABP furthers its mission to protect the public health by offering an insightful, patient-centered online site with information, resources, and robust search tools to promote medication safety, support drug disposal, prevent medication misuse, and more.

The updated website offers a modern design, cohesive branding, and patient-focused imagery to connect with consumers about the crucial topic of medication safety. The website offers a variety of enhanced content, including:

  • drug donation information for both medicine and medical supplies;
  • information about the uses and administration of lifesaving drugs like naloxone;
  • safety information for purchasing prescription medication online;
  • current blog topics centered around patient safety; and
  • shareable educational resources such as social media posts, images, and stories.

The website continues to be a vital resource for both consumers and health care providers who interact with patients. The website offers a Safe Site Search Tool for patients to search for licensed, verified pharmacies when purchasing medication online and a Drug Disposal Locator Tool to easily find locations to dispose of unneeded medication. Consumers and health care providers are encouraged to explore all the latest Safe Pharmacy resources.

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