Hard to believe that the end of the 2021-2022 academic year is on the horizon. For many P4 students, it’s an emotional rollercoaster: After all these years of preparing, the finish line is in sight, and your pharmacy career is just beginning.  

Taking the NAPLEX is one of the final steps you need to take, and maybe the biggest. We created an email series full of tips to simplify the process. After signing up, you’ll receive weekly messages on the three main components of the test taking process: readying your application, gearing up for test day, and getting your exam results.  

Readying Your Application

First thing’s first: Explore the NAPLEX/MPJE Candidate Application Bulletin, the survival guide for the NAPLEX. It’s mobile-friendly and contains all the essential information you’ll need for taking the test from start to finish.  

Next, create your NABP e-Profile. This is where you’ll apply for exam eligibility, receive your authorization to test, request ADA accommodations, and more. The email series also has tips on making sure your ID matches the name listed in your e-Profile, which is required for getting into the testing center. 

Preparing for the Test and Test Day

Exam eligibility granted and exam purchased: ✔ and ✔. Next up: Studying! The NAPLEX competency statements provide a blueprint of the topics covered in the examination. Use these to guide your study sessions. After hitting the books, see what information stuck by taking the Pre-NAPLEX. It’s the only official NABP-authorized practice exam, featuring 100 questions like what you’ll see in the real thing; some were even used in previous NAPLEX administrations.  

After all your preparation, you’ll be ready for the big day itself. The Bulletin contains a great run-down of what you can and cannot bring with you, the break structure, and other test-day logistics

Exam Results and Next Steps

We hope that you took a break and did something nice for yourself after test day. Actually, if you can, try to take it easy for the rest of the week. It usually takes about seven business days to see your exam results posted in your NABP e-Profile. However, if you are seeking licensure in one of these eight jurisdictions, you’ll need to go to your state directly to get your results. 

Results will be posted as either Pass or Fail in your e-Profile. You will only see a detailed performance report if your result is Fail. You’ll be able to see a ranking of how well you did in the six competency areas. Use this info to help you study for next time.  

Well, there you have it. This basic guide for taking the NAPLEX is a good starting point to the whole process. Sign up for the emails to get even more detail delivered straight to your inbox. And we’ve said it before but will say it again: Keep the NAPLEX Bulletin nearby. Seriously, it’s comprehensive and can answer a lot of questions you might have.  

Good luck taking the NAPLEX!