For many pharmacists this month, “making a list and checking it twice” applies to more than just holiday gifts. Licenses are set to renew by December 31 in 17 states, meaning many pharmacists are also keeping lists of continuing pharmacy education (CPE) requirements. NABP’s CPE Monitor service can help, and the Plus plan is especially useful for tracking complex CPE requirements.

Is your state one of 18 that allows topic changes?

We know sorting and totaling your CPE activity to meet state-specific requirements can be a challenge. With the Plus plan, you can change an activity topic from an ACPE-approved topic to one which is state-specific, such as smoking cessation or implicit bias awareness, making it easy to determine which requirements you’ve met and which are still needed.

The Plus plan also helps you stay organized by letting you sort and filter specific activity information, such as live or home hours, to check your status. When you’ve met all the requirements, you can find transcripts or reports specific to each state where you are licensed.

You can access the Plus plan through your NABP e-Profile account via desktop or the mobile app. It’s only $12 per year to upgrade and access all these time-saving features. Time you could spend toward your holiday gift lists, or maybe even sending an extra list or two to Santa.