Out of all the subscriptions you might pay for – entertainment streaming, meal prep kits, goody boxes for your pets or kids – do any of them aid your career? Do any of them cost just $12 per year?  

We’d like to introduce you to the advanced features of CPE Monitor Plus. You’re probably already familiar with CPE Monitor Standard, the free tool that helps pharmacists and pharmacy technicians track and store continuing pharmacy education (CPE) credits. Pharmacists who upgrade to the Plus plan won’t have to spend time puzzling over license renewal requirements or scrambling to meet CPE deadlines. Your job is already hectic enough — let CPE Monitor Plus take some of the pressure off the license renewal process. 

The CPE Monitor Plus plan has an easy-to-use interface that makes maintaining your licensure compliance simple. The key features of the Plus plan take the guesswork out of manual tracking by offering: 

  • Notifications alerting you to CPE cycle deadlines for the board of pharmacy or jurisdiction where you hold license(s). 
  • At-a-glance view of hours completed vs hours needed. 
  • A personalized breakdown of renewal requirements for the licenses you hold, including all topic requirements. 
  • Detailed, state-specific transcripts that can be submitted to the boards. 

It is the only CPE tracking tool that integrates with ACPE, and it automatically uploads ACPE-approved credits into your profile. In addition, you can manually upload non-ACPE credits to your profile for a complete activity log. And no other CPE tracking service has the board of pharmacy connections like we do to maintain such a robust service. 

The $12 per year price allows you to track as many licenses as you hold and is a great value for all the time and effort the tool can save you. But if paying is just a “no-go” for you, the CPE Monitor Standard plan offers useful pharmacy CE compliance info for free. Here’s a comparison between the Plus and Standard plans: 

PriceFree$12 for 1 year
CPE activity upload (ACPE providers nationwide)
Downloadable list of all CPE activity
Free mobile app
Upload non-ACPE CPE credits
Breakdown of renewal requirements (50 states & District of Columbia)*
License status screen showing hours completed & hours needed
Alerts for CPE cycle deadlines
Detailed transcript for each license that can be submitted to the boards
Continuing professional development (CPD) tools

You can access CPE Monitor through your NABP e-Profile via desktop – click on the upgrade button to take advantage of the advanced features of the Plus plan. Then download the NABP app through your preferred online app store to access the same information on the go. 

Adding CPE Monitor Plus to your subscription list can simplify your pharmacy education tracking to keep your license(s) in good standing. It could even free up more time for your other subscriptions, like that meal kit for bavette steak with a sherry shallot sauce. How you spend your time should be up to you!