Presidential Initiative

Eliminating Barriers to Enhance Patient Safety

Reginald B. “Reggie” Dilliard, DPh, NABP President

During the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, state and federal governments modified certain requirements to expand the scope of pharmacists’ and pharmacy technicians’ role in response to ever-changing public health needs. In light of the positive impact pharmacists and pharmacies have had on patient health and safety during this global crisis, NABP President Reggie Dilliard is focusing his initiative on facilitating a new pharmacy practice model that enhances and promotes patient safety while exploring a supportive environment for pharmacy professionals. This effort began with a comprehensive review of the current pharmacy regulatory environment, taking into account pharmacy education and other external factors that impact patient safety. The new model will use the expertise and knowledge of NABP members and stakeholders, who have served on task forces that previously explored these issues, and build upon their efforts and recommendations.

There are three areas of focus for the initiative:

  1. identifying barriers in existing statutes or regulations that limit patient access to medication and care;
  2. finding opportunities to increase patient safety by enabling pharmacists to practice at the top of their education and training; and 
  3. determining extrinsic factors that foster unsafe working environments when delivering patient care that were not already identified by the Task Force on Workplace Safety and Well-Being held in 2021.

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