e-Profile Connect & Data Exchange

What is e-Profile Connect?

NABP e-Profile Connect is a portal that allows state boards and schools and colleges of pharmacy to access information on e-Profile holders at any time.

What can you do in e-Profile Connect?   

  • Search Individual and Business e-Profiles
  • Report to and Search Disciplinary Clearinghouse
  • View and Acknowledge Clearinghouse Alerts
  • Review Licensure Transfer Applications
  • Enter Licenses and Review Verification Requests
  • Grant Exam Eligibility
  • View Score Reports
  • Access CPE Monitor Data
  • Find FPGEC Candidate Status
  • Access VPP, Supply Chain, and Blueprint Inspection Reports

Why should my board use e-Profile Connect?

Increase reporting accuracy and speed for all state licensees.

Reduce the administrative burden of manually retrieving and/or entering data.

Improve patient safety by staying informed with a real-time data stream.

How can my board enhance data sharing with NABP through the e-Profile system?




Require the NABP e-Profile ID on licensure applications for pharmacists, technicians, and businesses.Sync board data to NABP data utilizing the e-Profile ID.Implement real-time data exchange and integration with board licensure software and NABP software.

Interested in implementing a real-time data exchange with your board software and NABP e-Profile Connect?

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