API Setup Guidelines

1. Obtain an API Key

Contact us to obtain an API key. We will not send any emails to group email addresses due to security concerns. Secure mail from us may be password protected with a specific expiration date. If the email is password protected, you will be notified through a separate email or via phone. Do not forward these emails to any third parties.

The API key will be mailed using secure email to the established contact person of your organization. The API key will include three components:

  1. Client ID
  2. Client Secret
  3. Client Scope

There will be two environments for the API.

Note: Security credentials are different for each platform.

2. Generate a Token

You will need to use the three API key components to generate a token. To call any of our resource APIs, you must provide an OAuth 2.0 bearer access token in the authorization header. To get an OAuth 2.0 bearer access token, call the Token URL using an API credential pair (a client ID and client secret). These credentials will be sent to you through secure email. The client scope parameter will also be included in the email.

Header Parameters

Body Parameters

Upon this call, the response will contain the bearer token to be used for all API calls.

Looking for additional assistance?

Contact the Member Relations and Government Affairs team for API requests or incidents.

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