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What can I expect during and after the Digital Pharmacy Accreditation on-site survey?

A survey will be scheduled at an agreed-upon date unless your survey is combined with another accreditation program that requires the survey to be unannounced (ie DMEPOS or Home Infusion Therapy Pharmacy Accreditation). It will focus on compliance with the Digital Pharmacy Accreditation criteria, federal and state rules and laws, and implementation of the pharmacy’s approved policies and procedures. One of our surveyors will typically be at the pharmacy for a full day, interviewing personnel, reviewing pharmacy records/documents, and touring the pharmacy.

Multiple surveys at cost may be required if your business has multiple licensed facilities which engage in varying types of pharmacy practice. In this instance, we may survey 1 sampling of each practice type.

After the on-site survey, you will receive a letter outlining the findings of the survey, identifying any areas of non-compliance with the Digital Pharmacy Accreditation Standards, and will be given an opportunity to correct them. Facilities are given 30 calendar days for any needed remediation.