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How long will it take for our Preoperational Inspection application to be processed?

Once a Preoperational Inspection application is received and payment is processed, we will begin the review process. This includes a full review of the application to determine completeness. We will contact the main point of contact within five business days if there are questions regarding the application or if additional information is needed. We give the applicant 21 calendar days to respond. When we receive the response, it is reviewed.

Once a Preoperational Inspection application is determined complete, your facility will be placed in the inspection queue, and you may anticipate having an unannounced inspection at any point in time within approximately 4 weeks.


This time frame for inspection is an estimate and is subject to change pending inclement weather, a significant number of facility blackout dates, or other unforeseen circumstances.

Upon completion of a Preoperational Inspection, NABP processes it for internal quality assurance. Once this process is completed, we will send the Preoperational Inspection report via email to the person designated as the main point of contact for your facility. The completed report will also be available to the state boards of pharmacy and state regulators upon their request. This process approximately takes 10 business days from the time of the inspection; however, it may take more time depending on the business model of your facility.

Your facility will then have another 30 days to review the report and provide responses.

NABP Inspection Process

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