Verified Pharmacy Program Policy Information

Review the policy information and terms and conditions prior to starting your Verified Pharmacy Program (VPP) application:

Inspection Refund

This policy outlines refund parameters for the NABP VPP inspection.

Partial Inspections

This policy outlines what must be included in inspections for VPP  and Supply Chain Inspection.

When an applicant, including state projects, submits an application for a VPP inspection, partial inspections will not be conducted unless the inspection is a Texas specific pharmacy inspection only. This means that all pharmacy or distribution activities of a facility will be included in the inspection. NABP does not allow applicants to choose which activities will be included in the inspection.

Applicants that fail to indicate all activity types on their application or notify NABP of a change or new activity prior to inspection may be required to submit a new application with the correct activity types or sign a denial of entry form.

Texas Class E-S License Option B

Pharmacy applicants that select Option B under Texas Class E-S option to satisfy Texas State Board of Pharmacy  requirements will only have a sterile inspection conducted on the TSBP inspection form per the Texas contract.

Inspection Response Acceptance

Inspection Response Acceptance

NABP inspection applicants are allowed to submit an inspection response to the VPP Inspection Report. This policy indicates when VPP will no longer accept the inspection response and upload it to the Information Sharing Network (ISN).

Inspection responses within 30 calendar days:

If the facility sends an inspection response for a VPP inspection within 30 calendar days from the date of the cover letter, inspection staff will provide the additional information to the boards of pharmacy or state regulators in the ISN.

If the facility also applied due to an NABP accreditation, inspection staff will notify the Accreditation team that a response is available to be viewed.

Inspection responses past 30 calendar days:

If the facility sends an inspection response for a VPP inspection past 30 calendar days from the date of the cover letter, NABP staff will NOT provide the additional information or documentation to the ISN.

NABP inspection programs are allowed to receive the following formats as a response in conjunction to the response template sent to them:

Note: If protected health information or personally identifiable information (PHI/PII) is sent in the response documentation NABP, staff will not accept the response and the facility will have to resubmit it with the PHI/PII redacted. The facility will have to submit the redacted response immediately.

Inspection Report Amendments

This policy determines when NABP issues an inspection report amendment.

NABP does not make changes to the VPP Inspection Report.

If the Pharmacy believes there is a factual error on the inspection report, an amendment can be requested in writing via email within 45 calendar days of the date the inspection report is issued. Upon receipt of the amendment request, the Inspection Report will be reviewed and a decision will be made if an amendment is appropriate.

If NABP determines that an amendment is appropriate, an amendment is drafted, sent to the main point of contact at the facility, and uploaded to the ISN. If the facility indicated they were interested in accreditation, the amendment is shared with the applicable accreditation program.