VIPPS_187x110 for websiteThe Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites (VIPPS) program has been accrediting websites offering pharmacy services since 1999. NABP recognizes the need to help safe and legitimate pharmacies with an internet presence stand out against the ever-growing list of rogue websites – 20 new illegal pharmacies appear on the web each day. In addition to letting consumers know that they are on a safe site, the VIPPS accreditation satisfies search engine advertising requirements set by Google, Bing!, and Yahoo.

To earn VIPPS accreditation, your pharmacy must comply with the licensing and inspection requirements of its state and each state to which it practices pharmacy. In addition, your pharmacy and its website must adhere to a variety of criteria, including: meet nationally endorsed standards of pharmacy practice; demonstrate compliance with standards of privacy and authentication and security of prescriptions; adhere to a quality assurance policy; and provide meaningful consultation between patients and pharmacists.

VIPPS and the .Pharmacy Verified Websites Program

VIPPS-accredited facilities are now required to have an active .pharmacy domain. The .pharmacy domain is like “.com” or “.net,” but only pharmacy and pharmacy-related websites that have been verified by NABP are allowed to use it. With .pharmacy, the “seal of quality” is built into the web address. Major search engines have taken notice of the program’s powerful simplicity – Google, Yahoo!, and Bing now require a .pharmacy domain to advertise on their search engines. With the .pharmacy domain, you will also be considered a legitimate pharmacy merchant by Visa for purchases associated with your website.

Vetting for .pharmacy applicants is a two-step process that requires those seeking approval to prove that they are licensed, operating safely, and in accordance with program standards. Once NABP has granted a company approval to register their website using the .pharmacy domain, the Association will continue to regularly monitor their site.

More information on applying and registering for a .pharmacy domain name is available in the .Pharmacy Verified Websites section.