We are closely monitoring the effects of COVID-19. Important updates for our accreditation and inspection programs can be viewed here.

Attention Accreditation and Inspection Applicants: Open Applications Must Be Submitted by October 14

NABP is launching a new system for accreditation and inspection applications, and the current application system will soon be discontinued. In anticipation of this change, all open applications and payments must be submitted by 5:00 PM CST on October 14 or they will not transition to the new system. If you do not submit your application by October 14, your application will be closed and you will have to create a new application in the new system. We apologize any inconvenience this may cause. Please send your questions or concerns to SCI@nabp.pharmacy.

Our supply chain inspection service is a regulatory inspection for facilities engaged in prescription drug and prescription medical device distribution. Participants of the program will receive an inspection report that may satisfy an inspection requirement from an entity or agency.

During the supply chain inspection, a facility’s operations are observed and the findings are compiled in a report that will be released to the applicant within 45 days after the inspection. Each applicant has 30 days to respond to the report, and both the report and response will be made available to the boards of pharmacy or other state agencies.

The supply chain inspection is not an accreditation program. We do not make a determination of “passed” or “compliant” with regard to any specific state regulations. The state determines a facility’s compliance based on the findings of the inspection, and completion of the inspection does not imply NABP endorsement or approval.

Who is eligible to have an inspection?

  • Prescription drug wholesale distributors
  • Prescription medical device distributors
  • Active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) distributors
  • API repackagers
  • Repackagers of finished prescription drugs
  • Veterinary prescription drug distributors
  • Reverse distributors
  • Sample distributors
  • Investigational drug distributors
  • Manufacturers
  • Virtual distributors and manufacturers
  • Third-party logistics providers (3PLs)

Businesses not currently eligible for a supply chain inspection include United States Food and Drug Administration-registered outsourcing facilities (503B) and over-the-counter (OTC) medical device distributors.

If a facility engages in a combination of eligible and ineligible activities, it can still have a supply chain inspection. For example, a facility that distributes both prescription drugs and OTC medical devices qualifies; however, the inspection will only encompass the prescription drug aspect of operations.