Supply Chain Inspection Terms & Policies

Please review the SCI Terms and Conditions carefully. Once you have started your SCI application online, you will be asked to agree to the Terms and Conditions prior to the final submission of your application.

Terms & Conditions

1. Terms of Service

Please read these terms and conditions (T&C) carefully. These T&C describe the rights and obligations of the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy® (NABP®) and the organization (Business) that is requesting NABP Supply Chain Inspection (SCI) program services, including SCI pre-operational inspections. SCI services consist of review and verification of certain information in Business’s application and business e-Profile, performance of an on-site unannounced inspection, and provision of an inspection report (SCI Services). Current requirements for the SCI program, which may be updated from time to time at NABP’s sole discretion, are posted on the NABP website,, and are hereby incorporated by reference into these T&C. These T&C also may be updated from time to time at NABP’s sole discretion. NABP and Business are each a “Party” and collectively are “Parties.” By requesting SCI Services, Business agrees to comply with these T&C, as amended from time to time.

2. SCI Services

3. Payment

Business will pay all required fees for SCI Services in U.S. dollars through the NABP website or other method approved by NABP. Business will not require NABP to use any vendor registration, invoicing, or purchase order system or similar process for any purpose under these T&C. Business agrees that the submission of any invoice or the receipt of any payment under these T&C shall not be conditioned upon NABP accepting terms or conditions that are not already set forth in these T&C. Business shall not impose any fees upon NABP in connection with any particular method of providing an invoice to Business or receiving payment from Business.

4. Acknowledgments

Business acknowledges that:

5. Liability

6. Contact

Business agrees that NABP may send all notices, communications, and notifications under these T&C to the business e-Profile User account email and/or the contact email provided by Business in its SCI application. Business agrees to maintain the valid operation of and regularly check these email accounts for purpose of receiving such notices.

7. Miscellaneous

By submitting its SCI application, Business hereby accepts and agrees to be bound by these T&C as they may be amended from time to time.

Version 3.0; 22August2022

Refund Policy

If your facility’s supply chain inspection application is closed, NABP may incur costs, including, without limitation, administrative, travel, and staff costs. These costs may be deducted from any refund that we issue.

There are three refund scenarios for a given application: full refund, partial refund, and no refund. A full refund may be issued in scenarios where:

A partial refund may be issued in scenarios where:

A refund will not be available in scenarios where:

If you need to place your application on hold, consult this FAQ about our hold policy for more information.