NAPLEX Advantage

Support your students with the premium preparation and assessment tool – NAPLEX Advantage.

For use in any professional year (P1 through P4), but especially effective when used every year, NAPLEX AdvantageTM helps you and your students see progress as they move through the curriculum. In addition, it provides a unique preparation experience for students getting ready to take the NAPLEX® after graduation.  

Designed specifically for colleges of pharmacy, NAPLEX Advantage provides students with an experience similar to that of the actual high-stakes exam day. The Advantage practice exam is designed to be delivered on the school’s campus in a proctored, closed, and secured testing environment as arranged by school staff. The ID verification and check-in process also mimic the students’ test day experience at a professional testing center. In addition, the practice exam is unique in that all test items have been utilized on past NAPLEX exams but are not included in any stand-alone Pre-NAPLEX test. Finally, assessing student readiness is easy with the valuable insight you will gain from NAPLEX Advantage reports that detail both individual and aggregate results.  

We offer more flexibility than ever with simple registration processes and no testing windows. The Advantage practice exam will help to guide students’ study plans as they prepare for the NAPLEX. Log in to your NABP Services account to purchase coupons, schedule and register students for the practice exam, view exam results, and more.

To gain access to NAPLEX Advantage and log in, your college must complete a Letter of Agreement and access request with NABP staff. Contact to begin the onboarding process, which may take up to 10 business days to complete. Additionally, we recommend hosting your first session at least 5-7 business days after you are granted access to the platform. The test sessions must be scheduled at least 3 days prior to the test administration and can be scheduled any date, Monday through Friday.

NAPLEX Advantage Features
Bulk pricing available
Includes previous NAPLEX questions
Provides the experience of taking the NAPLEX
Individual student performance reports uploaded directly to NABP e-Profile 
Proctoring not required✓ *
Designed to be administered by colleges in a proctored, group setting*
ADA accommodations available
Reports to students and colleges include scaled score, Pass/Fail result, and breakdown across each NAPLEX competency level
Schools receive aggregate data as well as individual performance reports
Allows evaluation of student progress to date

* Colleges of pharmacy may choose to bring students together as a group to test and utilize proctors, but they may also provide vouchers for individual use. In addition, students may purchase Pre-NAPLEX on their own.

Explore the Guide for Administrators

Read more about the NAPLEX Advantage, including detailed information about proctoring the practice exam.

NAPLEX Advantage Benefits

NAPLEX Advantage provides a suite of services that effectively help students prepare for the NAPLEX.

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Exam-day Experience 

The practice exam is delivered in a proctored, closed, and secured testing environment with an ID verification and check-in process to provide a similar experience to actual high-stakes exam day. 

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Unique Practice Exam 

All the questions on the NAPLEX Advantage were previously used on past NAPLEX exams. These items are not included in any stand-alone Pre-NAPLEX exams, ensuring test items remain fresh for students. 

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Performance Data 


Number of ExamsPrice
1-50 exams$125.00 per exam
51-99 exams$112.50 per exam
100 or more exams$100.00 per exam

Exam vouchers are valid for 2 years from the date of purchase. See the NABP Refund Policy for information on refunds.