IMPORTANT! FPGEC and FPGEE are now a part of NABP’s e-Profile system. Applicants logging into the NABP e-Profile system for the first time after May 2, 2018 must follow certain steps to make sure their new account is set up correctly. Click here for details.

FPGEE-2_187pxThe Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Equivalency Examination®, or FPGEE®, is one of the examinations required as part of the FPGEC Certification Program. (You must also take and pass the TOEFL iBT, the English-language exam administered by Educational Testing Service.)

The FPGEE is offered twice each year, and it is administered at Pearson VUE test sites throughout the continental United States. Only individuals made eligible during the FPGEC application process can take the FPGEE.

Once you successfully complete the FPGEC evaluation process, you will receive a letter of acceptance to sit for the FPGEE as well as detailed information on the registration and scheduling process. An FPGEE Identification Card, which will contain instructions for beginning the exam registration process, will also be included.

When you are accepted to take the FPGEE, you will have the opportunity to take the examination on one of two consecutive testing opportunities. For example, if you are accepted for the April 18, 2018 FPGEE, but decide not to take the exam, you can still take the next exam. The October 2, 2018 FPGEE will be your second, and final, opportunity to take the FPGEE. However, if you provide documentation showing that a work, health, personal, or visa-related circumstance is preventing you from taking the examination, the FPGEC will review the documentation and decide if an additional opportunity to test will be granted.

Preparing to Register and Sit for the FPGEE

If you haven’t already, download the FPGEC Candidate Application Bulletin. It provides detailed information about the FPGEC Certification Program and applying for the FPGEE. The Bulletin includes information about the following:

  • An overview of FPGEC Certification
  • FPGEC and ECE application procedures
  • Documentation of pharmacist credentials
  • Registering for the FPGEE
  • FPGEE administration
  • FPGEE score results

Be sure to download the Application Bulletin only from this website to get the most accurate, updated information about the FPGEC and FPGEE. NABP is aware of some websites that are posting fake, outdated, or incorrect registration bulletins.

Register for the FPGEE

After the FPGEC determines that you are qualified to take the FPGEE, NABP will mail you an FPGEE Identification Card, which contains instructions for purchasing the FPGEE. The exam may be purchased for $650.

The next test date is October 2, 2018. Registration for this test is expected to open at the end of July.

Within a few days of registering to test with NABP, you will be emailed your Authorization to Test (ATT) from Pearson VUE. The ATT authorizes you to schedule an appointment to take the FPGEE at a Pearson VUE test site within the continental United States.

Schedule Your Exam Appointment

Before you can schedule your examination with Pearson VUE, you must register to take the FPGEE with NABP. Within a few days of registering to test with NABP, you will be emailed your Authorization to Test (ATT) from Pearson VUE, NABP’s test vendor. The ATT authorizes you to schedule an appointment to take the FPGEE at a Pearson VUE test site.

Registration for the October 2018 FPGEE is expected to open at the end of July. Scheduling is completed through the Pearson VUE website or by contacting Pearson VUE customer service at 888/709-2679. Any changes to your testing appointment must be made through Pearson VUE. Detailed scheduling instructions will be provided in your ATT.

Retain the FPGEE Identification Card that you received with your acceptance letter. You must present it at the Pearson VUE test site to be admitted to the exam on your scheduled exam day.

Review the FPGEE Competency Statements

The FPGEE Competency Statements provide a blueprint of the topics covered on the examination. A strong understanding of the Competency Statements will aid in your preparation to take the examination. The 250 questions on the FPGEE are divided among four content areas:

  • Basic biomedical sciences – 10%
  • Pharmaceutical sciences – 33%
  • Social, behavioral, administrative pharmacy sciences – 22%
  • Clinical sciences – 35%

The statements can be found in the FPGEC Candidate Application Bulletin.

Prepare With the Pre-FPGEE

To get a feel for what is on the exam, consider the Pre-FPGEE. The Pre-FPGEE is a 66 question practice exam that will help you see what it will be like to take the FPGEE. Available online, the Pre-FPGEE is accessible anywhere you have an internet connection.

Important Information for Your Test Day

  1. Bring your FPGEE Identification Card. Also, bring two forms of ID as follows:
    •  A government-issued identification that contains a recent photograph and signature is required. Examples include:
      • Passport
    • Other valid government-issued IDs:
      • US-issued or foreign driver’s license
      • US state identification card Secondary ID
    • A secondary ID may be requested at the testing center. Acceptable forms of secondary ID, which must be current, include the following:
      • Driver’s license
      • Passport
      • State-issued ID card
      • US passport card
      • Military ID
      • US military ID
      • Valid debit/credit/ATM cards (must be Visa, Discover, MasterCard, or American Express)

The printed name on both your primary and secondary forms of ID must match the name that appears on your FPGEE Identification Card. If you do not have the correct IDs with you on the day of your test, you will not be able to test.

See Identification Requirements in the FPGEC Candidate Application Bulletin for more information.

2. Arrive 30 minutes early: This will give you time to complete check-in procedures.

You will be required to provide a digital signature and have your photograph taken. You will also provide a palm vein scan if this is your first time taking the test; if you are a repeat test-taker you will need to provide both a digital fingerprint and a palm vein scan.

If you arrive at the test center 30 minutes after your scheduled examination time, you will forfeit your appointment.

3. Read the FPGEC Candidate Application Bulletin for more information about procedures and restrictions.

Report Exam Irregularities

Please read the FPGEC Application Bulletin for more information about exam misconduct. If you have witnessed such misconduct or other irregularities as described in the Bulletin, please report it to NABP immediately.

Missed Appointments and Rescheduling Your Exam

If you need to cancel a scheduled appointment to test, you must cancel your examination at least five business days before your scheduled test date. See FPGEE Information in the FPGEC Candidate Application Bulletin for information on canceling your examination appointment.

To receive a full refund of your examination fees, you must withdraw from the FPGEE through the e-Profile system and cancel your appointment with Pearson Vue five business days prior to your examination date. If you do not withdraw from the exam and cancel your appointment with Pearson Vue within five business days, you will be charged a resit fee.

If you arrive at the test center without the appropriate credentials, you will be refused entrance into the examination. There will be no refund of your testing fee. You will be required to reapply for the FPGEE and pay the examination fee.

For specific instructions and fee information see the FPGEE Information in the FPGEC Candidate Application Bulletin.

Exam Limits: 5 Attempts

FPGEC candidates are allowed a maximum of five attempts to successfully pass the FPGEE. This became effective January 1, 2012, for all current and new candidates. See the FPGEC Candidate Application Bulletin for more information on the retake policy.