Steps to DMEPOS Accreditation

There are three major components of DMEPOS accreditation for pharmacies:

Verification of Licensure

  • NABP collects documentation demonstrating that your pharmacy is licensed and in good standing with the applicable board(s) of pharmacy or state regulatory agency.
  • NABP verifies the licenses of your pharmacy and appropriate staff.
  • NABP thoroughly screens your pharmacy and appropriate staff through the NABP Disciplinary Clearinghouse.

Confirmation of Professional Policies and Procedures

  • NABP assesses your pharmacy’s policies and procedures against CMS quality standards and NABP program standards.
  • NABP assesses your pharmacy’s compliance with CMS and NABP requirements for your personnel, pharmacy, record keeping, and patient services.

On-Site Survey of Your Pharmacy

  • Experienced surveyors evaluate your operations, survey your pharmacy, interview staff, and verify documents.
  • NABP compares your pharmacy’s written policies and procedures with its actual practices.
  • CMS requires that surveys are unannounced.

Application Checklist

Please take the time to thoroughly review the DMEPOS Application Instructions before applying for accreditation. The instructions will take you through:

  • A list of the information needed to complete your application.
  • Required documentation needed to support your application.


DMEPOS Single Pharmacy Accreditation Fees

Application Fee: $1,250
NABP Survey Fee: $1,500
NABP Survey Travel Fee: $500
Participation Fee (Year 1): $125
Year 1 Subtotal: $3,375
Annual Participation Fee Year 2: $125
Annual Participation Fee Year 3: $125
Estimated Total for three-year accreditation*: $3,625

*Accreditation fees are subject to change.

Credit card payment is required for Year 1 when your application is submitted. If your pharmacy is not successful at survey, an additional survey and fees will be required to continue in the accreditation process. Administrative fees may apply for time extension requests to submit documentation or for excessive document review cycles. Other fees may apply, such as changes of ownership, mid-cycle product category requests, or costs to obtain disciplinary actions from state or federal agencies.

A separate fee structure applies to suppliers with more than one facility. For information on fees for two or more facilities that have common ownership and follow the same policies and procedures, please contact DMEPOS staff at

Once awarded, DMEPOS accreditation is issued for a three-year term. NABP requires an annual compliance review and program participation fees in Years 2 and 3. Reaccreditation prior to the expiration date of the current accreditation is necessary to maintain continuous accreditation.